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DynaTrace Training (APM Tool)
DynaTrace Online Training

Why DynaTrace?

Dynatrace is one of the most flexible and easy to use Application Monitoring Tool. It monitors your applications health by giving diagnostic details of bottlenecks of your application, to ensure your applications works faster and is reliable. Dynatrace APM Tool makes Performance testing Easier and faster. It helps developers, testers and operations team to work together to keep application in best shape at all time.

DynaTrace Training ( APM Tool ) Details

  • APM? What? WHY? Various APM Tools
  • 2/3-Tier Architecture. 3 Modules of APM.
  • What is Dynatrace? Competitors?
  • Understand Dynatrace Platform
  • Dynatrace Components and Solution Architecture
  • Ports used by default
  • Know How patented technology of DynaTrace works and a deep dive on its basic terms
  • What is Purepath? Purestack?
  • Frontend-Backend Server?
  • Client Types?
  • System Profile? Application?
  • Agent…In detail
  • What Information is Captured?
  • Installation Steps
  • What is Easy Travel Application?
  • Practical Installation of Easytravel and Dynatrace
  • Should be able to monitor and diagonize any application via Dynatrace
  • Configure dynaTrace to monitor applications
  • Creating System Profile
  • Explaining functionaties of dyntrace server settings and system profile settings
  • Diagnostics Application and Transaction Health
  • Configure Applications, Define Logical Applications
  • Diagnostics Host and Process Health
  • UEM Concepts
  • Different in-built dashboards and analysics techniques
  • Incident and alert management
  • Working with Plugins
  • Analytics and bottle necks
  • Common errors and de-bugging errors
  • Revision and doubt clearance
  • Test & discussing answers
  • Feedback session

  • Who can take the DynaTrace Training

    Developers, Testers, Operations team members or even freshers who wants to begin their careers can take this course.

    Prerequisite for the DynaTrace Training



    Approx 20 Hours

    Significant features of our DynaTrace course:

  • Hands-on for every topic solved and shown
  • Covers indepth all the topics of Dynatrace Appmon (as mentioned above)
  • Guides you for Dynatrace certification exam

  • Our Dynatrace trainers are:

  • Technical Industry Experts working in MNCs
  • Reference checked.
  • Excellent Teachers.

  • For Dynatrace training enquiry, please Contact us

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    • Testimonials

      Deepika KaurCanadaOverall the Dynatrace trainer explained everything very well in a simple way and he is a very nice tutor. He answered my queries other than the topics on their curriculam. I will recommend ITJobZone in future to my friends.

      Anitha KalagiriVirginia - FresherI came across the ItJobzone’s Sailpoint training when I was looking for a hands-on identity certification course for sailpoint identity IQ. The ItJobzone team sounds very professional and they are thriving to live up the mark when it comes to online professional training courses. Especially from an off-shore location perspective. The training coordinator is able to coordinate session timings among the instructor and students. The trainer did a decent job in helping us to learn the technology. I recommend this for any beginners who want to learn the basics of Sailpoint.

      Mahitha KadariVirginia - Business Analyst (Developer)
      the training was really good And trainer discussed every topic very detail. We are looking forward to meet him again in advanced training

      Chiranjeevi VeligatlaIndia - Management professionalBasic training was good apart from couple of sessions, which were rushed to conclude the class. You were able to plan the session properly and ensured that all important topics were covered. I would ask to add for few things such as common interview questions, real time scenarios about IIQ administrator. Apart from that everything was good. Appreciate your concern in getting the feedback

      John MVirginia - SAP/ABAP ProfessionalThe basic SailPoint training was very well delivered by the instructor. He had a good command over the product features and capabilities. He was making sure that we understood the topic that he was telling, if not he was re-explaining the topic and giving demos and real time examples to make us understand. Excellent job!!! Can’t wait to take the Advance training.

      Jay SVirginia - IAM ProfesssionalThe Good course content. Instructor had command over the product features/capabilities and the domain of Identity management to apply those features. Usecase and scenarios discussed with exercises were good for Basic course.

      Pramod SahuIndia - Consultant - FnF(Fidelity)The trainer is excellent knowledge on SailPoint. The communication was good but has to be a little bit slow with pace of the training. The course content is good enough for Basic Training on SailPoint. Training was interactive and helped us to understand.

      Mautusi DeyIndia - Consultant - FnF(Fidelity)The training was good. The trainer knows the concepts.

      Srinivas PuttaUSA - ConsultantThe training was absolutely amazing. The trainer was not only knowledgeable but also professional and answered all the questions. We were class of three, and he took time to go above and beyond to explain things.