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DynaTrace Online Training (APM)
DynaTrace Tutorial Dynatrace Training Online

What is DynaTrace? (dynatrace monitoring tool)

Dynatrace is one of the most flexible and easy to use application performance management Tool. It monitors your applications health by giving diagnostic details of bottlenecks of your application, to ensure your applications works faster and is reliable. Dynatrace APM Tool makes Performance testing easier and faster. It helps developers, testers and operations team to work together to keep application in best shape at all time.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring (Appmon) Course Details

  • APM? What? WHY? Various APM Tools
  • 2/3-Tier Architecture. 3 Modules of APM.
  • What is DynaTrace? Competitors?
  • Understand Dynatrace Platform
  • Dynatrace Components and Solution Architecture
  • Ports used by default
  • Know How patented technology of DynaTrace works and a deep dive on its basic terms
  • What is Purepath? Purestack?
  • Frontend-Backend Server?
  • Client Types?
  • System Profile? Application?
  • Agent…In detail
  • What Information is Captured?
  • Installation Steps
  • What is Easy Travel Application?
  • Practical Installation of Easytravel and Dynatrace
  • Should be able to monitor and diagnose any application via Dynatrace
  • Configure DynaTrace to monitor applications
  • Creating System Profile
  • Explaining functionalities of DynaTrace server settings and system profile settings
  • Diagnostics Application and Transaction Health
  • Configure Applications, Define Logical Applications
  • Diagnostics Host and Process Health
  • UEM Concepts
  • Different in-built dashboards and analytics techniques
  • Incident and alert management
  • Working with Plugins
  • Analytics and bottle necks
  • Common errors and de-bugging errors
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Test & discussing answers
  • Feedback session

  • Who can take the DynaTrace Training

    Freshers, Developers, Testers, Operations, Performance tuning members can take this course

    Prerequisite for the DynaTrace Training - None

    Duration - Approx. 20 Hours + Unlimited Real Environment/Server Access for practice

    Highlights of our DynaTrace Online Training course:

  • 100% Flexible Timings + 100% Moneyback gurantee
  • Covers in-depth topics of Dynatrace Appmon / DCRum / Synthetic
  • Guides you for Dynatrace certification exam
  • Get Dynatrace Tutorial documents and Dynatrace Training Videos to revisit the class
  • Dont Type your queries, Ask questions, talk to trainer

  • Our Dynatrace trainers are:

  • Dynatrace Certified and actively working in MNCs on live Dynatrace projects
  • Reference checked.
  • Excellent Trainers.

  • Dynatrace Online Training Demo on How It Works, Its Components, Its Architecture.

    Dynatrace Online Training Demo on Transaction Flow Map.

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    • Testimonials

      Vamsi GururajIndia-APM-ConsultantI Really Good Sessions, it helped me a lot. I can rate 8.5 / 10.

      RJOhio - Sr. ConsultantTrainer was always exceptional & calm in listening to our queries which lifts our confidence to present our issues. Moreover he was much more knowledgeable & efficient in resolving every single doubt which makes you flawless packet in terms of capability. Once again thanks for wonderful mentorship which is always highly recommended for any newbie.

      Bhupesh MuleUSA - California - Sr.ConsultantFinally I got chance to give my feedback about APM sessions. Without help from ITJOBZONE, I was really helpless and directionless to start new project. Their team is very good in understanding your needs and providing right resources based on your technology. Trainer was also really good in solving issues and finding solutions. He helped me to identify potential production issues and to stabalize in present project. I look forward to work with ITJOBZONE again and definitely refer candidates.

      Ravi JadhavUSA - OhioI joined this training with an average expectations to see the sea water from outside. But your knowledge facilitated me to jump in water fearlessly & start swimming. It is always helpful to gain the training from someone who has had experience with similar market parameters. Your dedicated efforts from every days class made me more and more confident on using this tool at client’s location in short duration.

      Vamsi GururajIndia-Gujrat-ConsultantI found your sessions are really good and promising to me. Hence I have planned another training with you.

      Ravi JadhavUSA - OhioI am amazed to see the skills in you being a trainer. Your practical experience is perfect foundation to your training skills which made everything go so much smoother to give me the confidence that Dynatrace is not a rocket science if you assist anybody. I really appreciate your efforts in giving insight from every corner of the tool. "Also definitely I would recommend anyone looking anything related to Dynatrace must undergo training from this academy."

      Yoga IyengarUSA - KentuckyWithin the available slot for Dynatrace Online Training module, DT architecture, RCA and Dashboard design were covered. An additional two hrs to cover DPM would be ideal.

      Anupam SinghBangalore - AccentureTraining content and trainers delivery method was superb.Trainer has really good hold of Dynatrace so concepts were explained in depth with good real time examples. Trainer was always patient towards our queries during the sessions and would clear them too. The best thing was he would slow down on important concepts and ensured it was understood well and then pace up again. Modulating the pace in this manner was helpful given it was online training mode. The ppts shared for theoretical concepts are also good and quite helpful.

      Deepika KaurCanadaOverall the Dynatrace trainer explained everything very well in a simple way and he is a very nice tutor. He answered my queries other than the topics on their curriculam. I will recommend ITJobZone in future to my friends.

      Ravi JadhavUSA - OhioI want to apprecite the trainer. He is really a nice mentor. The way he coach it gives confidence practically, not just bookish theories.

      Mautusi DeyIndia - Consultant - FnF(Fidelity)The training was good. The trainer knows the concepts.

      Srinivas PuttaUSA - ConsultantThe training was absolutely amazing. The trainer was not only knowledgeable but also professional and answered all the questions. We were class of three, and he took time to go above and beyond to explain things.

      Anupam SinghBangalore - AccentureIn all it was good learning of the tool thanks for all your support. We might cross paths in future.

      Rakesh PBIndia - BangaloreThe trainer is excellent in all aspects of knowledge, flexibility, experience and handling the course. Trainers over all experience and skills are reflected on the overall training and sessions provided. I give a rating of 10/10 for his way of teaching and guidance given on technologies.

      Udyan SharmaIndia - Bangalore - TCSI would like to recommend the AppDynamics training from ITJobZone. The training sessions were very helpful and the course content was equally good. The trainer was well versed in his area and provided hands-on training whenever required. The backend team was also helpful in providing all kinds of assistance and query clarification during the course duration.

      Shashikant R ChougalaIndia - Bangalore
      The videos are well framed to learn for any fresher's to experienced person working in other tool. Though being from same background it would have taken loads of time if I started to learn myself. It saved my time and also helped to learn the things in a right way. Appreciate your effort. Thanks a lot.

      Anupam SinghBangalore - AccentureThe Training was great. For the training content - I was hoping for 2-2.5 hrs of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) session however we could have it for 1 hr that too on last training day. I agree to the fact that Dynatrace tool is vast however I will suggest we reduce time from Tool walkthrough and use it for RCA. RCA will anyways include tool walkthrough. Also trainees requirements are different, as for me, I was looking for Dynatrace implementation on sample application to identify performance bottlnecks thats why RCA was important for me.