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SalesForce Training - SFDC Training
SalesForce Online Training

What and Why Salesforce CRM?salesforce Training - SFDC Online training
Salesforce a cloud computing company started as Software as a Service (SAAS) is today the best Cusotmer Relationship Management (CRM) company. Salesforce provides various software solutions and a platform for users and developers to develop and distribute custom software.

Features of our SFDC Online training:

  • Salesforce server access to solve Assignments and practice
  • 2 Real Project experience - Live project use cases
  • Salesforce Resume preparation
  • Salesforce certification and interview preparation
  • Get Salesforce online training videos and Salesforce training materials
  • 100% money back gurantee + 100% live + Talk to the trainer and ask your questions.

  • SalesForce Developer Training

    Before starting the training, See what will you learn in this Salesforce Online training for Developers

    SalesForce course Details for Developer

  • Basics of Programming
  • Basics of programming (for non programming background students)
  • Variable, Operators, Expression, Class, Objects
  • Looping Statement, Controlling Statement, Functions
  • Architecture Apex / Force.com
  • Data Types in Salesforce
  • MVC pattern in Salesforce
  • Collections
  • Debug process and methodology
  • Building Logic Through Programming
  • APEX Class
  • All About Trigger in Salesforce, Trigger Types, Trigger Scope, Best Practices Triggers
  • Understanding Trigger Context Variables in Salesforce
  • Building Test Classes and execution, Understanding Test Classes in Salesforce
  • Code coverage understanding
  • Annotations
  • DML Statements, Insert statement, Update Statement, Delete Statement
  • Getting data from recycle bin
  • Advance APEX
  • Batch class, Schedule Class
  • Transaction Control
  • VisualForce
  • Intro to Visual Force (VF)
  • Enabling VF for your Organization and Execution
  • Creating First VF page
  • Creating First Controller Using Query String Parameter in VF page
  • Building PageBlock Table in VF page
  • Building Form in VF page
  • Controllers ,Importance of Controllers, Types of Controllers
  • Standard Controllers, Custom Controllers, Controller Extension
  • Best Practices Visualforce
  • Bulkification, Exceptions
  • Query Language
  • Intro to SOQL and Query formation in SOQL
  • Intro to SOSL and Query formation in SOSL
  • DML statements in Salesforce
  • SOSL transformation
  • SOSL and Examples
  • SOQL and Examples

    Duration for Salesforce Developers Training - Approx 25 Hours

    Prerequisites for Salesforce Developers Training - None

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    SalesForce Admin Training

    Before starting the training, See what will you learn in this Salesforce training for Administrator

    SalesForce course details for Admin

  • Introduction on Cloud Computing
  • IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • PAAS(Platform as a Service)
  • SAAS(Software as a Service)
  • Introduction on CRM and SalesForce.Com
  • Salesforce Standard Objects
  • Salesforce Sales Process - Salesforce Service Process
  • Lead management
  • Web to Lead - Lead auto response
  • Case management - Web to case - Email to case - Case escalation
  • Salesforce Date Model
  • Becoming Familiar with the Setup Area
  • Introducing Apps - Objects - Tabs - Fields
  • General Fields - Enhancing the Simple App with Advanced Fields - Field Dependency
  • Becoming Familiar with Object Detail Pages
  • Data Validation
  • Enhancing the Simple App with Data Validation
  • Introducing Validation Rules - Standard Validation Rule - Custom Validation Rule
  • UI Design & Assignment
  • Introducing Page Layouts - Adding page Layout elements
  • Introducing Search Layout - Lookup Layouts - Tab Layouts
  • Record Type
  • Expanding the App Using Relationships
  • Introducing Relationships - Lookup Relationship
  • Master Detail Relationship
  • Roll-up Summary fields
  • Hierarchy Relationship - Many to many relationship
  • User Management
  • Introduction Users and User creation
  • Setting up features per user record
  • Security and Sharing
  • Organization-Wide Defaults
  • Profile
  • Permission Sets
  • Introduction on Roles, Profiles
  • Sharing Rules - Manual Sharing
  • Field Level Permissions
  • Creating Public Groups and Queues (also, difference between them)
  • Data Management
  • Data Import with Data Loader
  • o Insert o Upsert o Update o Delete o Export o Export All
  • Using Custom Workflow Processes
  • Introducing Workflow and Workflow Actions
  • Update Record
  • Create Task
  • Automate Emails
  • Organization Wide Default (OWD)
  • Introducing Approvals Process
  • Planning for Approval Processes
  • Creating an Approval Process
  • Creating Approval Steps
  • Analyzing Data with Reports and Dashboards
  • Introducing Reports
  • Tabular Reports - Summary - Matrix Reports - Joined Reports
  • Report Formats
  • Introducing Dashboards - Adding Dashboard Components - Dynamic dashboard
  • Bucket fields - Custom Reports Types
  • Salesforce deployment steps in Salesforce
  • Sandbox Types
  • Inbound / Outbound Change Set
  • Migration from One Salesforce environment to Other
  • Packages in Salesforce - Managed / Unmanage Package

    Duration for Salesforce Admin Training - Approx 32 Hours and unlimited server access

    Prerequisites for Salesforce Admin Training - None

    Our trainers are:

  • Certified Consultants, Technical Experts, working in the industry.
  • Reference checked and Excellent Teachers
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    • Testimonials

      Basam Nath ReddyUS - ConsultantThe videos are good. Thanks for your help.

      TharunVUS - StudentThe tutor has vast knowledge on technology. He was very patient to respond all our queries.

      Kevin M. KinlochMaryland - Sr. Architect/OIM Consultant at WellPoint IncorporationThe Training was Great.

      Vinay R. BethiNewYork - Security Architect I am glad that I found ITJobZone. I have been searching for this training for a long time and was surprised that this is a rare technology to get trained at. Its been quick and effective training process.

      Raju Kumar.Sr OIM Consultant - DHS(State of Hawaii)Thanks a lot. I am totally impressed with the way of your training and presentation,i really recommend you to my friends

      Srinivas PuttaUSA - ConsultantThe training was absolutely amazing. The trainer was not only knowledgeable but also professional and answered all the questions. We were class of three and he took time to go above and beyond to explain things.

      Mohit RUSA - DeveloperI am glad that I found ITJobZone. Its been quick and effective training process.

      AnonymousIndia - InfosysOverall the training was very helpful. Exercises given and conducted by trainer were very also very helpful.

      AnonymusIndia - InfosysConfiguration and exercises for each module was covered. Training was Good overall.