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Components in Dynatrace

  • Agent
    Agent is a light package which is installed on the server to monitor an application.

  • Collector
    Functionality of collector is to collect the data, all the agents which are installed in the webserver/application server they will connect through connectors. Collectors default port number 9998, the port number can be changed. Whatever agent collects data from application server database will be sent to collector, collectors correlate the data and send to dynatrace server. Collectors are used for two purpose in Dynatrace 1st. to get data from agents and 2nd. If you are installing any external plug-ins (not supported by dynatrace agent) while configuring the plug-in will be running on collectors but deployed in server. Collector that creates the connection with plug-in and gets the matrices from the plug-in and forwarded to dynatrace server.

  • Dynatrace Server (mandatory component)
    collector will connect to Dyntrace server via 6698 and 6699 port.

  • Dynatrace Frontend Server(mandatory component)
    Dynatrace Frontend Server gives the interface to the client. Collector will connect to Dyntrace frontend server via 6698 and 6699 port.

  • Performance warehouse
    is database server in which dynatrace stores its data. While installing dynatrace by default installs derby Database as an embedded database but it is recommended in the protection environment to use an external database as a performance warehouse. It is possible to connect external database also.

  • Session storage
    Session storage is a simple hard-disk storage to store data. It will store all the raw and filter data.

  • Dynatrace Client
    Dynatrace Client provides the user interface to access the complete data that is received by the dynatrace servers. It is a Java Binary to execute.

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