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What is Dynatrace Gomez (Synthetic Monitoring)?

Monitor performance globally without ever leaving your seat

1. Measure real user experience for web and mobile applications to proactively optimize performance and business results

2. Evaluate application performance and satisfaction by customer segment and the impact on business results such as conversions and abandonment

3. Correlate performance with abandonment along each step and page of a transaction to maximize revenue

4. Identify real-user performance problems across browsers, devices and geographies and accelerate problem resolution by triaging troubleshooting efforts based on the greatest impact to customers and busines

Yes, It is not a real U$er;
But it is for a Real U$er :-)

synthetic Monitoring DynaTrace training helps you understand its functions, test types and portal usage. Dynatrace portal is a Single web based point for managing synthetic monitoring, including managing tests, displaying detailed dashboards and graphical representation of data using charts. Dynatrace portal also provides tools for deep dive analysis and root cause determination.

For synthetic monitoring in Dynatrace, user activities are simulated usually by executing scripts via Synthetic agents which collects and stores availability and response time in databases that are maintained by DynaTrace. These tests can be run from any locations and multiple locations at the same time. All tests usually are single line execution command or scripts with multiple command lines, these multiple line scripts can be recorded using Dynatrace portal that provides an easy to use web recorder. We can do Backbone tests which usually are configured to have higher availability and lower response time, Last Mile tests are made to execute from real end-user mobiles and desktop. Mobile tests are done by executing the tests in actual mobile networks using many different mobile emulator’s.

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