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Improving your softskills is a continuous process. Softskills and hard skills together helps an organization use its technical expertise to its full advantage. our Softskills training helps you to get along with people and displaying a positive attitude which leads to individuals and organizations success.

Few of our softskills training topics are:

• Let’s Talk - Communication Skills Training- Communicate to deliver results

Communication Soft Skills training covers topics such as verbal & written communication, Barriers in communication & dealing with them, write & read more clearly & accurately, verbal & non-verbal communication, etc

• Wow, Look at me - Presentation skills Training

Presentation skills training may cover topics such as effective speaking, Step to successful presentation, Know your audience, Prepare the presentation material, Prepare self, Presenters nightmare, Mind your body language, Handling questions, presenting to a technical audience, teleconferencing and video conferencing presentations skills training, etc

• Positive mental attitude – Be Positive – Positive Attitude Training

Positive Attitude training or Positive thining training may cover topics such as understand the benefits of a Positive Attitude and Positive thinking, Understand the power of the mind and use it to its best advantage, Recognise negativity in their self and in others and act accordingly, how To slowly change negative mind set, how to be optimist in life, etc.

+ We are Talking - Inter-personal skills Training

Inter-personal Soft Skills training may cover topics such as inter-personal communication, self-assertiveness, turning into others, emphatic communication, managing conflics, creating win-win situations, issues and challenges faced in day to day work and life, setting personal and professional action plans for assertiveness.

• My Team My Pride - Team Building Training- Working in teams

Team Building training may cover topics such as Defining team, understanding team, trusting team members, sharing & caring, motivating team members, team work, avoid conflicting with team members, using your selfesteem for positive performace of team, etc.

• I can sell anything under the sun - Selling Skills Training

Selling skills training may cover topics such as Marketing self skills, customer service skills, professional selling, selling to major accounts, managing the sales force, customer orientation, handling difficult customers, developing a customer service culture, handling communication with customers, etc

• Tring Tring - Telephone Etiquettes Training

Telephone Etiquettes Training could cover topics such as verbal communication over voice chat / telephone / teleconferencing with clients or business partners. This will help you realize barriers in communication & dealing with them when talking but not looking at each other. Presenting your information correct simple language will be the agenda of this training.

• I am important – Self Motivation Training

Motivation can be defined as an internal condition initiated by drives, needs or desires and producing a goal directed behavior. One who feels I am Important is Self Motivated

• Habit Called Excellence

Motivation can be defined as an internal condition initiated by drives, needs or desires and producing a goal directed behavior. One who feels I am Important is Self Motivated

• Creativity and Innovation skills Training

Creativity and innovation are essential skills in almost any workplace. When problems arise, having a team of people that can solve issues quickly and effectively with a little creative thinking is beneficial to everyone. Being creative is fun, and it's something that anyone can do. Just follow these steps to get started.

• Networking skills Training

It is not just WHAT you know, it is also WHO you know that counts! Networking is all about building mutually beneficial relationships and talking to people with a view to discussing topics that are of joint interest. Every time you make a new contact you are effectively then tapping into a new circle of people, so you can gradually build up a list of contacts that can help you

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Mir Ahmad KhursheedConsultant - NewYork USATraining was good. you guys are awesome. Well explained, to the point, short and concise, in a structured way. Thank you, Itjobzone! Itjobzone has a very talented instructor. He is easy to understand and explains things well. I attending all of the sessions in the course and learned a ton. Staff has been very helpful and amazing. They go all the miles to help their students.Keep up the good work. Thank you.

FineyConsultantBlueocean Market Intelligence - BangaloreVery well explained and thoughts on the importance of good communication skills, Training on "Habit Called Excellence"

Ganesh Gautham GupthaConsultantBlueocean Market Intelligence - BangaloreExcellent training on how to gain confidence by talking directly to the person ignoring us.

Jincy JacobConsultantBlueocean Market Intelligence - BangaloreGot to learn about personal and professional skills, how much it is important in our daily life. Excellent training.

UdayConsultantBlueocean Market Intelligence - BangaloreThe trainer is good and easy to catch up with. She has good ability to engage the participants and concentrating on all of the trainees.

Mr.Mutyalu AnnemVice President-HRUPT - BangaloreThanks for the excellent training session we had on Monday & Tuesday. Wish to place on record, my sincere appreciation for the best efforts made by you and your team to customize this training program.

We have to take this forward and demonstrate the results.

Ms. Megha Nair Head - HR.DISA - Bangalore ITJobZone Training design of the program and their hands on training approach are excellent. Even though our employees are reasonably well versed with theory regarding soft skills, they could pick up a lot of nuances. They provided good examples and explanations for all questions.

ITJobZone Trainers are extremely patient and ensured that the understanding was complete with all trainees before moving on to the next subject. For a change attending a training programme has become fun along with lots of learning.

Training ManagerVideocon GurgaonThis is a long overdue testimonial to express thanks for such an excellent educator.

I was given a training calendar of two quarters to conduct soft skills and MS office trainings for our staff across various hierarchy levels teams. I Google for a training company to help me out and I found ITJobZone. I called them and explained my situation, They agreed to conduct the trainings as per the tight schedule mentioned in our training calendar for our various office locations.

ITJobZone presentations were professional, very easy to be involved in, relaxed, good humored, relevant, realistic and helpful. They have a knowledgeable and practical approach in sharing information and knows what they are talking about. They also has practical ideas, solutions and strategies. I was very much impressed by the way of their teaching methodology. They usually bought a very good feedback and a very productive one in the long run.

I was in the position to have watched over the years many different teaching methods and styles because I have worked as teacher for sometime. ITJobZone approach gave me a fantastic insight as to what 'works' and what doesn't. Listening to ITJobZone Trainers, I felt instantly that they knew exactly what one need, and indeed in their lives generally.

Honestly speaking the knowledge that they have spread across our teams is worth more than all the awards on the planet.

Thanks ITJobZone... your inspiration, enthusiasm and strategies will be used for many, many years to come."