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Sitecore Online Training
Sitecore CMS Online Training

What is Sitecore ?

Sitecore is one of the leading content management system built on ASP.Net. Sitecore CMS gives flexibility to mid size and large enterprise organizations to have full control over all aspects of their website. Sitecore takes advantage of the flexibility, scalability and security of the .NET framework

Sitecore (CMS) Online Training Course

Before you start your training, See what you will learn in our Sitecore Online training for Developers / Implementors

Sitecore Training course contents

  • What is Sitecore?
  • Sitecore Version
  • Sitecore Architecture
  • How to run Sitecore?
  • When we Install Sitecore, What gets installed?
  • Sitecore from an author/developers perspective
  • Building webSite Data Structure
  • Creating Data Templates
  • Template Inheritance
  • Templates Cleaning
  • Creating WebSites Content Structure
  • Creating Content as Admin and Users
  • Setting Field Sources
  • Applying Standard Values
  • Item Versioning
  • Create and Apply Presentation
  • Create Layouts
  • Rendering Content
  • Adding Components to the pages
  • Static and Dynamic binding pages
  • Version control of website Presentation
  • Increasing Component Reusability
  • Component Data Source and Component Parameters
  • Data Source Location and Template
  • Rendering Parameters Template
  • Caching the Components
  • Configure the Sitecore Environment
  • The Development System
  • Install Sitecore
  • Sitecore Publishing
  • Binding Hostname to Site
  • Sitecore Modules and Package
  • Working with Complex Field Types and Buckets
  • Simple, List and Link Field Types
  • What, Why and How - Buckets
  • Working with Media Library Items
  • Opening the Media Library
  • Uploading one and multiple Media Items
  • Associating Media Items to a content Item
  • Sitecore Query and API
  • Using Sitecore Query
  • Writing Fast Query in XPath Builder
  • Using Sitecore API in code
  • Crud Operations using Sitecore native API
  • User Management and Workflows
  • Creating and Assigning permission to a User
  • Giving Admin rights to a User
  • Create Roles and assign users to a role
  • Implementing Workflows
  • Creating, publishing and moving items in workflow
  • Clear items in workflow using Workbox
  • Support Community and closing session.
  • Sitecore support and community
  • Useful links and resources
  • Topic Slip Overs and Queries

  • Who can Learn SiteCore Online

    Freshers, Developers, Admin and Testers can take up this course to enhance their skills

    Prerequisite to Learn SiteCore Online - None. Basic Understanding of web is good.

    Duration - Approx. 20 Hours

    Features of our SiteCore Online Training

  • Live Interactive led sessions - Talk to the trainer and ask your Questions
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend as per your convenience
  • Learn Sitecore for Sitecore certification
  • Real time Environment/Server Access for you to practice can be provided

    Our Sitecore CMS trainers are:

  • Professionals with real Sitecore project implementation experience
  • Certified Technical experts from the Industry
  • Excellent Teachers
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