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What is DynaTrace OneAgent?

A recent unified agent platform from Dynatrace is OneAgent. OneAgent is an Artificial Intelligence powered APM Solution providing one single monitoring for business, operations, database, development, cloud and almost anything related to application monitoring. Providing every single transaction (not just the problem ones) analysis and All-in-One performance monitoring. Dynatrace OneAgent has an open ecosystems, which means it provides easy integrate with other solutions like servicenow, Slack, HipChat, etc.

DynaTrace OneAgent Capabilities

1. Business and Performance Analytics

DynaTrace actually gives the visibility into business critical transactions including orders, downloads, searches, logins, etc. It also provides full insights into how the application performance influences your digital business experience. So it provides a correlation between the application performance and the business part which is very important for CXO levels to make the necessary business changes.

2. Application monitoring and performance lifecycle management

Before the application actually impact your customers and your business, DynaTrace proactively detects and diagnose the application problems in your environment. i.e. during preproduction DynaTrace provides you all the metrics which you need to deliver higher quality within a short development cycles. Now a days since applications have become Agile, it is important to release a product in a short span of time. DynaTrace Application monitoring and performance lifecycle management comes handy for testing in preproduction phase and release the error free application without any or with minimal bottlenecks.

3. Digital Experience Analytics

DynaTrace provides your business critical analytics and the ability to view your applications performance the way your end users (customers) looks at it. Dynatrace provides testing environment which is at par with actual environement

4. Cloud, container and infrastructure monitoring

DynaTrace helps you monitor the entire stack, whether there is a enter to private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud, whether you are on AWS, your cloud foundry opens stack gives you the key performance metrics and keeps up to date with your environment.

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