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1. Communication Skills Training Material- Hello WhatsApp, Lets Talk

2. Leadership skills Training Material - Who is a Leader?

3. Confidence Building Training Material- My Self-rating on Confidence - 10/10

4. Networking skills training Material- Its who knows you that matters

5. Team Building - Team player training Material - My Team My Pride

6. Creativity and Innovation - I am Creative... Lets Innovate


7. Customer Service Training Material - Service with a Smile

8. Decision Making Training Material - I am the BOSS... Let me Decide

9. Habit called Excellence Training Material

10. Self Confidence Training Material - I am important.

11. Motivation Training Material - Motivate Me

12. Negotiation Skills - Make it or break it (How much to negotiate?)

13. Personality Development Training Material - I keep staring at myself

14. Problem solving training material - Its not my problem.

15. Success in Examination Training material - Exams... No worries

16. Mentoring teachers training material - Who will teach the teachers?

17. Questionnaire for beginners learning English Language.


18. Empowering Women / Women Entrepreneurs PPT.


  • 2,000/- for each topic
  • 10,000/- for 10 topics

  • Our Training Materials are:

  • Fully Editable(Ready to use)
  • Easy to understand
  • Has Exhaustive workbook
  • Has Trainers Manual
  • Has Case studies / Activities / Role plays / Games
  • Many references(Links)
  • Easy to download as soon as payments done
  • Industry tested (used for amateur and professional trainers)

  • Our trainers are:

  • Industry Experts.
  • Reference checked.
  • With Local and international experience
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    • Soft Skills / Behavioural skills
    • Management Skills
    • Information Technology
    • Call Center / Accent Training
    • Out Bound Trainings (OBT)
    • Teachers / Students Training
    • Testimonials

      Mukesh PahwaIndependent TrainerSoftskillsI just want to tell you how much your Soft Skills package has made my presentations work very easy and interesting. There are no reasonable words I can use to tell you how important and professional your material has been put together. It really makes conducting workshops easy, professional, and interesting. I would gladly recommend it to anybody...

      Divya DuttaFreelance Trainer SoftskillsThe Needs Analysis questionnaire is good. You have included the right questions on the important aspects - current language proficiency level of the candidates and the language needs of the person in their job - how much and to what level do the candidates need to learn English. Good job.

      Aman HussainTTT FacultySoftskillsThe power point on pre-primary school teachers leadership is good. You have spoken about the key principles of teaching. You could have also provided some examples of great well-known teachers and the role of leadership that they take on.

      AntraTraining FacultySoftskillsYour motivational training schedule looks perfect. I am very happy that you could understand the concept so well. Your entire schedule, the modules and the methodologies all are perfectly incorporated. Activities always help in demanding mutual interaction, teamwork and participation. You have done a good mix of PPT, visuals, role-plays and interactive activities. The utility of the training was served well - you aptly discussed the power of motivation to enhance sales​.

      Shalini AgarwalFreelance Trainer and MentorSoftskillsThe power point on leadership has turned up very good. You have been specific on the topic of leadership traits specific to women leaders, their challenges and their leadership styles. It is a well researched presentation.