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AppDynamics Training (APM Tool)
AppDynamics Online Training

What is AppDynamics?

AppDynamics is a Java based Web Application Monitoring Tool. AppDynamics monitors your application while JVM is running in the production, thereby monitoring the performance of your business transactions live in 24/7 environment.

AppDynamics Training Details

  • Insight of APM & AppDynamics
  • APM? What? WHY?
  • APM Architecture.
  • 3 Modules of APM.
  • Various APM Tools
  • Understand Appdynamics Platform
  • Appdynamics Components and Architecture
  • Appdynamics Installation
  • Installation Steps Controller
  • Installation of App Agent
  • Installation of Machine Agent
  • Installation steps of Tool and Application for hands on experience
  • Deep dive on the basic terms of AppDynamics
  • What is TOP down / Bottom Up Approach?
  • Frontend-Backend Server?
  • Client Types?
  • System Profile? Application?
  • Agent…In detail
  • What Information is Captured?
  • Application monitoring in Appdynamics + Deep-Dive
  • Configure appdynamics to monitor applications
  • Application Dashboard
  • Transaction Snapshot and Scorecard
  • Different Layers - Tier, Node, Application
  • Diagnostic session
  • Monitoring slow queries
  • Code level issue reports
  • Monitor and Analyze
  • UEM Of Appdynamics
  • UEM Concept
  • Different in-built dashboards and analysics techniques
  • RUM setup and details
  • Synthetic jobs and monitoring
  • Revision and doubt clearance
  • Monitor and Analyze
  • Configuring Dashboards
  • Charting Data
  • Diagnostic Utilities
  • Alert Log / Troubleshooting
  • Creating and Managing Reports
  • Portal Administration
  • Account Details
  • User Management
  • Event Log
  • Q and A / Slip-overs

  • Prerequisite to Learn Appdynamics APM Tool



    Approx. 18 Hours

    Significant features of our Appdynamics course:

  • Live Instructor Led Sessions
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend as per your convenience
  • Learn AppDynamics for Certification
  • Unlimited Real time Environment/Server Access for you to practice
  • Revisit recorded sessions from live trainings

    Our Appdynamics trainers are:

  • Trainers with min 4 project experience.
  • Certified Technical experts from the Industry
  • Excellent Teachers.
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    • Testimonials

      Omprakash BusettyLinkedinIndia - CGIThankyou for arranging training. It was awesome training, very well organized with good course content. Trainer was very nice.

      Kavya ShreeIndia - Bangalore - IBMThe Appdynamics Video Tutorials was really good. The tutor is wonderful and explained each module of the course in a effective way to gain knowledge. I enjoyed it and hope I have gained very good knowledge by end of the course.

      Jainandan ReddyUSA - TexasTrainers skills are exceptional with immense knowledge. If you are starting a new batch on AppD and if trainer follows presentation Practical approach (rather than all theory at the beginning and Then all parctical), I would happily join one more time.

      Rakesh PBIndia - BangaloreThe trainer is excellent in all aspects of knowledge, flexibility, experience and handling the course. Trainers over all experience and skills are reflected on the overall training and sessions provided. I give a rating of 10/10 for his way of teaching and guidance given on technologies.

      Udyan SharmaIndia - Bangalore - TCSI would like to recommend the AppDynamics training from ITJobZone. The training sessions were very helpful and the course content was equally good. The trainer was well versed in his area and provided hands-on training whenever required. The backend team was also helpful in providing all kinds of assistance and query clarification during the course duration.

      Shashikant R ChougalaIndia - Bangalore
      The videos are well framed to learn for any fresher's to experienced person working in other tool. Though, being from same background it would have taken loads of time if I started to learn myself. It saved my time and also helped to learn the things in a right way. Appreciate your effort. Thanks a lot.

      SaikiranUSA - ConsultantThe Training provided me with sequential steps on AppDynamics environment. The presentation was very clear and material were good and the examples were useful and thought-provoking. I learnt how to install AppDynamics agents and controller and how to work more effectively on it. It was a wonderful program. Thanks to trainer

      Prasad KrishnanIndia - ConsultantThe AppDynamics session was really good. Trainer explained everything with good examples, my technical doubts were cleared.

      Madhav Padma GopalIndia - Bangalore - HexawareThe training was going good in a consistent pace and is very effective for us.