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Management Trainings

The success of todays organization depends on their leaders who has better management skills.

Few of the Management trainings that we conduct are:

I will do it tomorrow - Time management Training

Time is Money.

This area may cover topics such as Barriers to time management, Principles to time management, Self management, Avoiding paper trap, Organizing your day, Effective delegation, planning in advance, managing your time and hence managing stress, etc.

Are you stressed - Stress management Training

Stress brings out worst in you.

This area may cover topics such as Pressure & Performance Management, Common Causes of Stress, The Symptoms of Excess Stress, Personal Stress Audit, Identifying Pressure at Work & Home, how communication helps destress, Identifying & helping other to cope with stress, Link between Good Communication and Decreased Stress, etc

Everyone wants to be a leader lead yourself - Leadership Training

Not a born leader? No problem.

This area helps you discover the leader within you. Facts of being firm but fare leader, Creating a win-win situation. Leader by example. Expanding your ability to deliver better by creating a happy and energitic atmosphere within.

I have a problem, How do i solve this? - Problem Solving Training

Are you the problem or the solution?

This area may cover topics such as eliminating obstacles in an innovative manner through paradigm shift and adding new problem solving patterns to your way of thinking.

My Decision is Final - Decision making Training

Make decisions NOW - Make WISE decisions NOW

This area may cover topics such as preparing to make decision, fundamentals of decision making, defining and planning decisions, avoiding overconfidence, managing overconfidence, learning from the results of your and others decisions, knowing your options and deciding on the best, etc

Where is the presentation Gone? - Information Management Training

You have the information, are you able to use it wisely?

This area may cover topics to help you manage information better by improving your reading skills, techniques to make notes for clarification of data generated, reviewing techniquest to keep data fresh in your mind.

This is the Final plan - Effective Planning (Individuals / Managers)

Have got a task? Now plan!!!

This area may cover topics to Understand the importance of prioritization and planning, Uderstand the difference between being Busy and being Effective, Strategic Planning and Organization, Time Management Tools, Planning and organizing as a team.

My Project... My Baby - Project management Training

Even writing a small program is an individuals project.

This area may cover topics such as Defining exciting Project Outcomes, Generating Ideas, Delegating Effectively, Strategies for Motivating the Project Team, Practical Tools and Techniques and when to use them, What to do when Things are Going Well, What to do When things are not going well, Moving Projects on to a Successful Outcome, etc.

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