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Small Children - Big Achievers

Todays children are achievers in every field. Our training programs for children are designed just keeping that in mind. These programs will help children to accept and enjoy the needs of todays ever demanding environment.

R Designed 4 Children 2

  • * Have a better communication and networking skills.
  • * Have a positive and healthy self approach
  • * Be a leader in their own world
  • * Be Self motivated, Creativity and Innovation skills
  • * Develop Self Confidence

Our Fun Trainings - Ingredients

  • > Funny and not so funny Stories.
  • -> Roles which children play.
  • -> Some not that brilliant ideas.
  • -> Interactive and brain scratchig Exercise and Games.
  • -> No brains Questionnaires
  • -> Enjoyable activities and games
  • -> Enjoyable activities

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Mentoring Teachers Training

This program will allow teachers with many opportunities to apply new ideas and approaches to improve in their professional thinking and practice. Thereby helping teachers achieve more by transforming themselves from being just a Teacher to a Guru

Are Designed for Teachers To:

  • Empower themselves
  • Be a good communicator (Language not a barrier)
  • Manage Stress at work and home.
  • Grooming and Motivating Students to build best students
  • Do self analysis and learn continously to be a good mentor.
  • Build relationship bridge with students
  • This program is Designed for:

  • school / college teachers who wish to have an edge over other teachers while working or aspiring to work not as a teacher but as a friend, philosopher and guide.
  • To know more about Teachers Training, Please contact us