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What is Splunk? Why Splunk Training?

Splunk (Enterprise) is a most powerful platform for collecting, searching, organizing, monitoring and analyzing machine data. Splunk Enterprise is easy to deploy and use. It gives machine data, visibility, insight and intelligence. This Splunk training course will make you wellverse with the skills needed to analyze machine-generated data using Splunk software. The Splunk Analytics will help you to learn to parse huge volumes of data. This course includes training in searching, sharing and saving of results, creating charts, tags and event types and also generating reports.

Splunk Online Training course - APM Tool

Before you start your training, See what will you learn in this Splunk Online training

Splunk Developer and Administration Training Details

  • ** Module 1 Simple Splunk Environment and its Basics**
  • • Installing Splunk
  • • Creating Basic Environment(forwarder)
  • • Monitor and fine tune Splunk Data Inputs
  • • App management

  • ** Module 2 Basic Concepts of Splunk Development **
  • • Splunk development concepts

  • ** Module 3 Save and Schedule Searche / Using Fields in Searches**
  • • Run basic searches
  • • Set the time range of a search
  • • Identify the contents of search results
  • • Refine searches/Use the timeline/Work with events
  • • Exporting search results
  • • Saving and sharing search results
  • • Saving searches and search scheduling
  • • Understand fields
  • • Use fields in searches
  • • Use the fields sidebar

  • ** Module 4 Tags and Event Types **
  • • Understanding tags
  • • Creating tags and using them in a search
  • • Defining event types and their usefulness
  • • Creating and using event types in a search

  • ** Module 5 Search Commands **
  • • Reviewing search commands and performing general search practices
  • • Examine the anatomy of a search
  • • Using various commands to perform searches:fields, table, rename, rex&erex, multiply

  • ** Module 6 - Creating Reports and Visualizations **
  • • Save a search as a report
  • • Edit reports
  • • Create reports that include visualizations such as charts and tables
  • • Using following commands and their functions:
  • • 1. top 2. rare 3. stats 4. addcoltotals 5. addtotals

  • ** Module 7 Visualizations **
  • • Explore the available visualizations
  • • create Charts and time charts
  • • Omit null values and format results

  • ** Module 8 Analyzing, Calculating and Formatting Results **
  • • Using eval commands
  • • Perform Calculations
  • • Value Conversion
  • • Round Values
  • • Format Values
  • • Filtering calculated results

  • ** Module 9 Correlating Events **
  • • Overview of Transactions
  • • Search Transactions

  • ** Module 10 - Using Pivot **
  • • Describe Pivot
  • • Understand the relationship between data models and pivot
  • • Select a data model object
  • • Create a pivot report
  • • Create an instant pivot from a search

  • ** Module 11 Enriching Data with Lookups **
  • • What are lookups?
  • • Lookup file example
  • • Creating a lookup table
  • • Defining a lookup
  • • Configuring an automatic lookup
  • • Using the lookup in searches and reports

  • ** Module 12 Creating Reports and Dashboards **
  • • Creating reports and charts
  • • Creating dashboards and adding reports
  • • Add a pivot report to a dashboard
  • • Edit a dashboard

  • ** Module 13 Getting started with Parsing **
  • • Data Preview and Parsing Phase
  • • Raw Data Manipulation
  • • Extraction of Fields

  • ** Module 14 Creating Alerts **
  • • Describing alerts
  • • Alert Creation
  • • View fired alerts
  • ** Module 15 Resource Management **
  • • Performance Tuning
  • • Troubleshooting and monitoring

  • Who can take the Splunk Training

    • Fresher, Developers, Support/Admin, Testers, Performance tuning members can take this course.
    • Prerequisite for the Splunk Training

      None. Basic understanding of data analytics can help learn faster.

      Duration - Splunk Developer and Splunk Administration course - Approx 22 Hours

      The following are the significant features of our Splunk Online Training

    • 100% Flexible Timings + 100% Moneyback gurantee
    • Live Instructor Led Sessions. Dont Type your queries, Ask questions, talk to trainer
    • Guides you for APM / Splunk certification exam
    • Get Splunk documents and Splunk Training Videos to revisit the class
    • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend as per your convenience

    • Our Splunk trainers are:

    • Technical Experts and Actively working on Splunk Projects.
    • Technically verified checked.
    • Consultants with Relavant hands on industry experience.
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    • Testimonials

      Mir Ahmad KhursheedConsultant - NewYork USATraining was good. you guys are awesome. Well explained, to the point, short and concise, in a structured way. Thank you, Itjobzone! Itjobzone has a very talented instructor. He is easy to understand and explains things well. I attending all of the sessions in the course and learned a ton. Staff has been very helpful and amazing. They go all the miles to help their students.Keep up the good work. Thank you.

      Udyan SharmaIndia - ConsultantThe session was really good. Trainer explained everything with good examples, my technical doubts were cleared.

      Mahitha KadariVirginia - Business Analyst (Developer)The training was really good And trainer discussed every topic very detail. I look forward to meet him again in advanced training

      Mautusi DeyIndia - Consultant - FnF(Fidelity)The training was good. The trainer knows the concepts.

      Srinivas PuttaUSA - ConsultantThe training was absolutely amazing. The trainer was not only knowledgeable but also professional and answered all the questions. We were class of three, and he took time to go above and beyond to explain things.

      Riyaz RizviDoha Qatar - Executive Director
      Overall experience is great, trainer was wonderful, in terms of explaining the topics and making sure we understand. excellent problem solving skills. Course material and other documents are very good and carry every single detail. Hope to go for next level, but not now, it will take sometime.

      Mir AliUSA - Raynold - SAP SecurityI really enjoyed the online course, it was very informative. Trainer was a great instructor, he is very knowledgeable and was very willing to take the extra time to focus on areas that we had a harder time grasping. "Thank you. I really enjoyed and learned much from this course." The class was very informative. I am very satisfied with this course.