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CA Siteminder SSO Training - CA SSO
CA Siteminder Online Training

What is CA Siteminder?

CA Single Sign-On (formally known as CA SiteMinder) is a web access management system that enables user authentication and policy-driven authorization over Internet and Intranet secure zones. It also provides federation of identities with third-party vendors and provides complete auditing of all access to the web applications. SiteMinder also provides secure Single Sign-On infrastructure between multiple applications of an organization, so that internal / external users can access them seamlessly. Siteminder CA can also be used as software as a service (SaaS) so that external partners and managed services can share it in a protected SSO environment. SiteMinder is typically used in large enterprises that require high levels of reliability and scalability. Apart from the pure security benefits achieved by decreasing the risks associated with SSO over the Internet, implementing SiteMinder allows for ease of administration, enhanced user experience, and improved preparedness for compliance and audits.

Online CA Siteminder Single Sign-on Training

Before you start your training, See what you will learn in our CA Siteminder SSO Online Training (Version R12.7)

  • Describe CA Siteminder (Single Sign on) as a product and version history
  • LDAP Overview and basic concepts
  • Installation and Configuration on Windows or Linux platform (as per trainees requirement)
  • Install CA Directory R12.x
  • Configure CA Directory as Policy Store
  • Install CA Siteminder Policy Server R12.x
  • Install CA Siteminder WAM Administrative UI
  • Delegate Administrator rights
  • Siteminder Extensible Policy Store (XPS TOOLS)
  • Agent Discovery In Policy Server
  • CA Directory as Session Store (R12.x CA Directory was developed as a LDAP Session Store)
  • User Directory Mappings in Policy Server.
  • Siteminder integrated application workflow
  • Define System and Domain objects in detail
  • Export and Import Policy Store Objects
  • Configure System and Domain Objects
  • Configure CA Directory as user store repository
  • Install the CA Siteminder Web Agent
  • Protect/ Integrate a Web application (hosted on IIS Webserver) with CA Siteminder
  • Configure SSO in Single Domain
  • Idle/Max Session Timeout
  • Configure Session Store
  • Managing pre-defined reports/logs and analysis
  • Troubleshoot CA Siteminder (Extensive session covering common issues encountered)
  • Federation (IDP & SP)Overview and Example (all parameters will be covered)- Theory only
  • Siteminder Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0
  • Q & A and Slip-overs

  • Who can take the CA Siteminder Training

  • This course is good for Freshers, Developers, Other IAM Consultants and Administrators
  • Duration

    • Approx. 24 Hours

    • Machine configuration for CA Siteminder Training

    • 8GB RAM and i5 processor with internet connectivity

    • For Windows - IIS 8.5 webserver And Windows 2012 Server R2
    • For LINUX - CentOS 7.0 / RHEL 7 and Apache 2.4 webserver and Apache directory studio server

    • Features of our CA Siteminder course:

    • Live Interactive led sessions. Talk to the Trainer and ask your queries.
    • 100% Money back guarantee
    • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend as per your convenience
    • Unlimited Real time Environment/Server Access for you to practice
    • Revisit Recorded Videos / Get Certification Dumps
    • Our CA Siteminder SSO trainers are:

    • Trainers with realtime industry experience
    • Certified Technical experts from the Industry
    • Excellent Trainers
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    • Testimonials

      RJOhio - Sr. ConsultantTrainer was always exceptional & calm in listening to our queries which lifts our confidence to present our issues. Moreover he was much more knowledgeable & efficient in resolving every single doubt which makes you flawless packet in terms of capability. Once again thanks for wonderful mentorship which is always highly recommended for any newbie.

      Ravi JadhavUSA - OhioI want to apprecite the trainer. He is really a nice mentor. The way he coach it gives confidence practically, not just bookish theories.

      Abhishek PagadalaUSA - Concord, NHThe Trainer and his explanations are good.

      Sowmya AnandachariIndia - Infosys Technology Analyst- LinkedinThanks a lot for the sessions on Siteminder. Since 70% of it was hands on it made easier to grasp concepts easily. Also the instructor helped understanding concepts by giving real time scenarios.

      Dhruvakumar ArghulaUSA - IDM ConsultantI have attended the Siteminder training sessions from ITJobZone. The trainer was really good and explained every concept clearly. We had almost all the classes hands on so I was able to learn more. He always used to give a recap of the previous class. Overall the training was nice.

      Raj Kumar SwamyIndia - IDM Consultant
      Feedback for
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      Trainer was really knowledgeable on the subject and had excellent communication skills. It was a high quality training on the whole. Overall the training was good and the instructor was knowledge-full. The courses are top rate. The best part is live instruction, with playback. You get all the presentations and labs. Great instructions. But my favorite feature is viewing a previous class. They provide a set of videos from a previous session, so you can watch the course before you participate. This way you can get the most out of the course. Also, they are always there to answer questions and prompt when you open an issue if you are having any trouble.

      Rakshith NagarajuUSA - Cincinnati Financial Co. - DeveloperI am glad that I found ITJobzone. I think ITJobzone is the only training institute which provides Sailpoint training. Training was good and Instructor had in depth knowledge of application. Structured course layout was added advantage to training. In addition to lectures hands on experience was provided through VM. Overall a very good training

      Shashikant R ChougalaBangalore - OAM professionalThe videos are well framed to learn for any fresher's to experienced person working in other tool. Though, being from same background it would have taken loads of time if I started to learn myself. It saved my time and also helped to learn the things in a right way. Appreciate your effort. Thanks a lot.