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K2 Training - K2 Blackpearl Training
K2 Blackpearl Online Training

What is K2 Blackpearl? Why Learn K2 Blackpearl?

K2 Blackpearl suite provides a Single platform that provides many tools to develop Workflows, Reports, forms, etc. in a much faster and easier way. K2 is one of the fastest growing Business Process Management (BPM) Tool in the market.

K2 Blackpearl Training / K2 Training course (K2 Blackpearl 5.x) details

  • Introduction to BPM / K2
  • What is BPM?
  • High-Level Architecture of K2 Platform
  • K2 Environment Requirements

  • K2 Components
  • K2 BlackPearl / K2 App for Sharepoint / K2 Smartforms / K2 Connect (Theory only)

  • K2 Designer
  • Visual Studio / K2 Studio / K2 Designer for Smartforms(Runtime / Design time)

  • K2 SmartObjects
  • SmartObject Overview / SmartBox
  • Creating a SmartObject from K2 Designer
  • Creating a SmartObject from K2 Studio
  • Creating a SmartObject from SmartObject Tester Tool

  • K2 Views
  • K2 Views overview
  • Item View / List View / Editable List View
  • View Controls

  • K2 SmartForms
  • Overview of K2 Smarforms / K2 Smartform Designer / Smartform Control
  • K2 Smartforms integration with SharePoint
  • Brief description about SharePoint list and library

  • K2 Workflow Training
  • K2 Workflow overview
  • Activities / Events / Rules / Environment Variables / String Tables
  • Creating a workflow with a simple Approve/Reject outcome
  • K2 Workflow Approval process
  • K2 Workflow Training on Deployment
  • K2 workflow and Smartform Integration
  • K2 workflow and Dotnet Integration
  • Parent-Child K2 Workflow Tutorial / K2 Blackpearl Workflows Tutorial (Basic)

  • K2 Workspace
  • K2 Workspace Overview / Server Rights / Process Rights / Error Profiles
  • Worklist / Roles

  • K2 Reporting
  • Overview and Different types of K2 Reports
  • SQL server, SQL Server CURD operations

  • Packaging and Deployment
  • We do K2 Blackpearl Certification Training

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    Prerequisite for the K2 Training Extension (Sharepoint / Dotnet / C# etc)

    Knowledge of Extensions like Sharepoint / Dotnet / C#

    Duration - 22 Hours

    Our K2 online Training /K2 Training Courses are:

  • Live Interactive sessions - Dont be on Mute, Talk to the Trainer
  • 100% Money back guarantee + 100% Flexible
  • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend as per your convenience
  • Get K2 Blackpearl Documentation and k2 blackpearl training material
  • K2 Blackpearl Training Videos
  • Learn K2 Blackpearl - Get ready for K2 Blackpearl certification
  • Real time K2 Blackpearl Server Access for practice

    Our K2 Blackpearl trainers are:

  • K2 Blackpearl Certified with industry experience
  • Verified and Excellent K2 Blackpearl Trainers
  • K2 Blackpearl Online Training Demo on Creating new rule and information type message

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    K2 Blackpearl Online Training Demo on K2 Smartforms Integration with SharePoint - Form Designer with Control

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    • Testimonials

      Prakash KumarConsultant - IndiaThe training was good and knowledgeable. It made me enable to work on Appdynamics and helped resolving the day to day activities. The trainer has good knowledge of the subject and practical demonstration was really helpful in understanding the topics.

      Mir Ahmad KhursheedConsultant - NewYork USATraining was good. you guys are awesome. Well explained, to the point, short and concise, in a structured way. Thank you, Itjobzone! Itjobzone has a very talented instructor. He is easy to understand and explains things well. I attending all of the sessions in the course and learned a ton. Staff has been very helpful and amazing. They go all the miles to help their students.Keep up the good work. Thank you.

      Prem RavindranathUS - BeginnerIt was a good Training. Trainer is really nice and technically very well equipped. Hes very patient.

      Basam Nath ReddyUS - ConsultantThe videos are good. Thanks for your help.

      Devendra Bharadwaz - LinkedinAdvisor, Business System Analyst - Dell EMCFirst of all Many Thanks to you for co-ordination and assistance throughout the Training period. All we needed was a laptop with Internet connection. You did fantastic job in organizing the training so smoothly. Trainer was having excellent knowledge and was Indeed Subject Matter expert. Also Course was very intelligently crafted with both Theory and Practical session to enable us with all the working knowledge needed. I would like to Thank ItJobZone for incredible Job and would want engage in future trainings as well.

      Saikat Dutta - LinkedinManager IT, Dell EMCFirst I would like to say the we choose a right training organizer as ITJOBZONE. Starting from the pre briefing session till completion you are very professional. On the training part, for our trainer, feedback from the team is excellent. He was able to explain and clarify questions and doubts correctly. The team loved the part where we asked questions related to our system specific doubts and he extended his help. Looking forward for more such engagements with you.

      Krishna Murthy GIndia - Consultant SharepointK2 blackpearl training objectives were clearly explained and achieved by the trainer. Hands-on practical training sessions were very good. This training really helped me in all areas that I was unclear previously. Instructor is very knowledgeable and the training had a good mixture of learning activities.

      TharunVUS - StudentThe tutor has vast knowledge on technology. He was very patient to respond all our queries.

      Satheesh RaoUS - PennsylvaniaOur instructor is very good in technology and as well as in teaching. He made our classes more interactive and interesting. He made sure that we understood the subject before ending the session. ITJobZone also takes feedback every other day to make sure the training is going good.

      RJUSA - OhioI Really appreciate your efforts in giving insight from every corner of the tool. Thanks for all your support and guidance.

      Santhosh GoliSingapore - K2 ConsultantFor Advance K2 Training - The Sessions were good and I am comfortable

      Rajmohan GanapathiIndia - Maple AllianceAll the sessions of K2 Training are better than I expected. Trainer has addressed all my doubts in a very simple and understandable way. I extended the training sessions to 10 more hours of excellent on-Job consulting sessions

      Dinesh Kumar JIndia - Infosys Limited - Sharepoint DeveloperLearnt about the basic funtionalities in K2 BlacK Pearl and also the life cycle involved in developing forms in K2. The K2 Black Pearl training was well organized and will be helpful in the application development using K2.

      Sai KumarIndia - Infosys Limited - Sharepoint DeveloperGot some good knowledge on basics of what k2 is and also knowledge on k2 forms, K2 Blackpearl workflows and workspace.

      Anitha KalagiriVirginia - FresherI am happy with the trainer and the training materials.

      RJOhio - Sr. ConsultantTrainer was always exceptional & calm in listening to our queries which lifts our confidence to present our issues. Moreover he was much more knowledgeable & efficient in resolving every single doubt which makes you flawless packet in terms of capability. Once again thanks for wonderful mentorship which is always highly recommended for any newbie.

      Mir AliUSA - Raynold - SAP SecurityI really enjoyed the course it was very informative. Trainer was a great instructor, he is very knowledgeable and was very willing to take the extra time to focus on areas that we had a harder time grasping. Thank you. I really enjoyed and learned much from this course." The class was very informative. I am very satisfied with this course.

      Amith GIndia - Ernst & Young LLP The training was delivered well by the trainer. He did seem to have the experience on the product.

      Kevin M. KinlochMaryland - Sr. Architect/OIM Consultant at WellPoint Incorporation The Training was Great.

      Vinay R. BethiNewYork - Security ArchitectI am glad that I found ITJobZone. I have been searching for this training for a long time and was surprised that this is a rare technology to get trained at. Its been quick and effective training process.

      Raju KumarSr OIM Consultant - DHS(State of Hawaii)Thanks a lot. I am totally impressed with the way of your training and presentation,i really recommend you to my friends

      Varun DSRConsultant - VisaI would highly recommend ITJOBZONE for anyone who is very serious to learn new skills in IT industry. I took Sailpoint training and my experience with ITJOBZone has been very fulfilling. The instructor is very knowledgeable and an excellent trainer. ITJobZone is very helpful and ready to provide the resource for training according to your needs, what ever your requirement is they will try to accommodate.