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Worksoft Certify Training
Worksoft Certify Online Training

What is Worksoft Certify automation testing tool?

Worksoft Certify is a codeless automation testing tool. In Simple terms Worksoft Certify replaces repeated manual testing with smart automation testing. It is a simple solution for automating business process testing. Worksoft Certify helps to automate the functional testing of critical end to end processes across complex applications, including SAP, Client Server, web technologies, mobile applications, big data, hybrid cloud environments and many other packaged enterprise applications.

Wofksoft Certify Training Course Details

Before you start training, See what you learn in our Worksoft Certify Training

Part A. Worksoft Certify Basics

  • Different Automation Approaches
    - Legacy Approach, Keyword Driven Approach using RecordSet

  • Different Automation Techniques
    - Certify Livetouch, Certify Screen Capture, Dynamic Objects, Send Keys...

  • Introduction to Worksoft Certify
    - explains the Certify architecture, how to Log on / Log off using Certify

  • Exploring the Worksoft Certify Interfaces
    - WorkSoft Certify Support Interfaces such as HTML(Client / Server), SAP, Silverlight

  • Define Process Overview
    - Identifying Processes, Basic creation of process in Process Editor

  • How to Configure and Execute Microsoft Internet Explorer using Live Touch?

  • Develop & Introduce process with Variables, Layouts, Recordset using varying data in Process

  • Creating and Executing Integrated Processes
    -Includes the basic processes into an Integrated process and explains how to execute processes.

  • Advanced Topics in Executing Processes
    - explores the different methods and options you can use to achieve Successful testing results.

  • Managing Execution Results, View execution results in the Results Viewer window, Edit Process Steps from the Result Viewer, Generate Detail and Summary Reports of the execution.

  • Advanced Layouts and Recordsets
    - using Recordsets with filters and variables to develop data driven testing.

  • Developing Advanced Processes
    - creating advanced processes that can interpret and react to different testing situations
    - It discusses simple vs. robust tests, conditional logic
    - Using Certify’s tools and methods for adding conditional logic to your automated tests.

  • Certify System Actions Process
    - will focus on the Certify system objects and their actions.

    Part B. Worksoft Certify integration with Interface like SAP, HTML(client/Server), Silverlight, Etc.

    Note - SAP Integration will be covered by default in Worksoft Certify Training

  • Introduction to Worksoft Certify for desired Interfaces
    - Focus on the basics of using Certify to automate business processes in above interfaces.
    - Basic Understanding of Business Process Certification Methodology to identify automation scope.

  • Learning Screens and Importing Maps
    - Focus on process for learning interface screens and how are they are imported into Certify.

  • Creating Processes with desired interface
    - Focus on building processes for the Certify and desired interface Sample Application.

  • Mathematical Operations, Control Statements with interface
    - Focus on building logic in your testing environment

  • Interface Classes and Actions for the interface

  • Script Development
    - Focus on the building logic and actions for the desired interface

    - Generate Detail and Summary Reports of the execution.
  • Test data preparation for the SAP core modules(SAP Specific topic)
    - like SD, MM, FICO & SRM

  • Batch Process Controller Execution
    - for Regression Testing, Test Data Preparation & QA Refresh

  • Understanding of Lights Out Testing
    - Using Batch Process Controller
  • Basic Worksoft Certify Training free

    Prerequisite for Worksoft Certify Training None. Automation background is good to have

    Duration of Worksoft Certify SAP Training Approx. 24 Hours
    Duration of Worksoft Certify HTML Training Approx. 28 Hours

    Features of our Worksoft Certify course:

  • Instructor led Live sessions. Talk to the Trainer and ask your queries, Dont be on mute.
  • 100% Money back guarantee + 100% hands on + 100% Flexible + 100% Job Assistance
  • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend as per your convenience
  • Revisit / View Worksoft Certify Recorded Video Tutorial Sessions
  • In our Assessment test get Worksoft certify interview questions
  • Worksoft Certify training material + Worksoft Certification guidance
  • Our Worksoft Certify trainers are:

  • Worksoft Certified Technical consultants with 6+ years of Experience
  • Excellent Worksoft Certify Trainer.

  • Worksoft Certify Online Training Demo Variables

    Worksoft Certify Online Training Demo on Process Variables Layout Recordset

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      Mir Ahmad KhursheedConsultant - NewYork USATraining was good. you guys are awesome. Well explained, to the point, short and concise, in a structured way. Thank you, Itjobzone! Itjobzone has a very talented instructor. He is easy to understand and explains things well. I attending all of the sessions in the course and learned a ton. Staff has been very helpful and amazing. They go all the miles to help their students.Keep up the good work. Thank you.

      Vamsikrishna ChigurupatiWipro, IndiaI would like to thank Itjobzone for getting good training, they are very disciplined and well organised the training. I am very happy with the trainer as he have good experience and vast knowledge on the subject and finally We have flexibility to review the videos whenever we needed.

      Rashmi Shewa Senior Consultant USAIt was my pleasure to join the training in Itjobzone. Trainer is very knowledgeable.your coordination was fantastic, which kept the training on dot

      Raghavendra ManjunathUS - Technical EnduserThe sessions are really great. I am very happy with the way Certification Training sessions are going. You are very specific about everything that might be needed for certification exams. The trainer gave me confidence that I can pass the exam.

      Devendra Bharadwaz - LinkedinAdvisor, Business System Analyst - Dell EMCFirst of all Many Thanks to you for co-ordination and assistance throughout the Training period. All we needed was a laptop with Internet connection. You did fantastic job in organizing the training so smoothly. Trainer was having excellent knowledge and was Indeed Subject Matter expert. Also Course was very intelligently crafted with both Theory and Practical session to enable us with all the working knowledge needed. I would like to Thank ItJobZone for incredible Job and would want engage in future trainings as well.

      Saikat Dutta - LinkedinManager IT, Dell EMCFirst I would like to say the we choose a right training organizer as ITJOBZONE. Starting from the pre briefing session till completion you are very professional. On the training part, for our trainer, feedback from the team is excellent. He was able to explain and clarify questions and doubts correctly. The team loved the part where we asked questions related to our system specific doubts and he extended his help. Looking forward for more such engagements with you.

      Prem RavindranathUS - BeginnerIt was a good Training. Trainer is really nice and technically very well equipped. Hes very patient.

      Basam Nath ReddyUS - ConsultantThe videos are good. Thanks for your help.

      Paresh ShindeManual + Tricentis Tosca Automation tool testerIt was great and trainer has taken from lesson one which was easy to understand. ThankYou

      Murali IyerIndia - TestLabs IT Solns Pvt LThis is to inform that we were very happy with the Worksoft Certify Training program conducted by ITJobZone. Our team understood the concepts quite well and it has helped us in meeting our client expectations on Worksoft Certify – Thank You Very Much

      Chirag DesaiVirginia - Sr ConsultantThe Training was good.

      Raghavendra ManjunathUS - ConsultantThank you ITJobZone. Training as a whole was great. Trainer covered most of the stuff required for the exam as expected. I am giving my exam coming Thursday (14Jun18) before that if I get any queries I will connect with you, else will share my results :) Thanks for all the help

      Basam Nath ReddyUS - ConsultantThe videos are good. Thanks for your help.

      TharunVUS - StudentThe tutor has vast knowledge on technology. He was very patient to respond all our queries.

      TharunVUS - StudentThe tutor has vast knowledge on technology. He was very patient to respond all our queries.

      Satheesh RaoUS - PennsylvaniaOur instructor is very good in technology and as well as in teaching. He made our classes more interactive and interesting. He made sure that we understood the subject before ending the session. ITJobZone also takes feedback every other day to make sure the training is going good.

      Vamsi GururajIndia-APM-ConsultantI Really Good Sessions, it helped me a lot. I can rate 8.5 / 10.

      RJOhio - Sr. ConsultantTrainer was always exceptional & calm in listening to our queries which lifts our confidence to present our issues. Moreover he was much more knowledgeable & efficient in resolving every single doubt which makes you flawless packet in terms of capability. Once again thanks for wonderful mentorship which is always highly recommended for any newbie.

      AnonymusIndia - InfosysOverall the training was very helpful. Exercises given and conducted by trainer were very also very helpful.

      AnonymusIndia - InfosysConfiguration and exercises for each module was covered. Training was Good overall.

      Krishna ChaitanyaUK - DB ConsultantThe Interview preparation session for Elasticsearch was good. Trainer has explained ELK Stack implementation scenarios which helped me a lot.

      Udyan SharmaIndia - ConsultantThe session was really good. Trainer explained everything with good examples, my technical doubts were cleared.

      Mahitha KadariVirginia - Business Analyst (Developer)The training was really good and trainer discussed every topic very detail.

      Chiranjeevi Veligatla India - Management professional Training was good apart from couple of sessions, which were rushed to conclude the class. You were able to plan the session properly and ensured that all important topics were covered. I would ask to add for few things such as common interview questions, real time scenarios about IIQ administrator. Apart from that everything was good. Appreciate your concern in getting the feedback

      Mautusi DeyIndia - Consultant - FnF(Fidelity)The training was good. The trainer knows the concepts.

      Srinivas PuttaUSA - ConsultantThe training was absolutely amazing. The trainer was not only knowledgeable but also professional and answered all the questions. We were class of three, and he took time to go above and beyond to explain things.