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What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source framework that processes large data sets (Bigdata), in a distributed storage environment. This platform can process/handle large volume of data (Bigdata) in a small amount of time. APIs for MapReduce applications enables us to read, write and compute data in parallel. It helps to run different kinds of computation on this huge volume of data with ease.

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) was made to store the huge amount (hundreds of gigabytes) of data every second. This stored data is used to generate various analytics. Traditional databases cannot handle data of this size.

Online Hadoop Training course for Developer & Admin

Before you start your training, See what will you learn in this Hadoop Online training
Hadoop Online Training - BigData Online Training

1. Introduction to HADOOP

What are BIG DATA features and challenges
Problems with Traditional Large-Scale Systems
Horizontal and vertical scaling
Why Comparison with RDBMS
A brief history and Limitation
Available version


Available Distributions of Hadoop (Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks, etc)
Hadoop Architecture & Planning for cluster
Cluster Daemons & Its Functions :
a. Name Node
b. Secondary Node
c. Data Nodes
d. Job Tracker
e. Task Trackers
Hadoop Ecosystem components and uses

3. Hadoop HDFS

HDFS Design & Goals
Understand Blocks and Configuration of block size
Block replication, replication factor and failure handling
Understand Rack Awareness and Configuring racks in Hadoop
File read and write anatomy in HDFS


YARN Architecture
Components of YARN
* Resource Manager * Node Manager * Job History Server * MR Application Master YARN Application execution flow
Running and Monitoring YARN Applications
Understand and Configure Capacity / Fair Schedulers in YARN


Setting up Apache / Cloudera environment
Specifying the Configuration
Performing Initial HDFS Configuration
Performing Initial YARN and Map-Reduce Configuration
Logging & Cluster Monitoring


Installation of Cloudera quick start
Difference in sandbox and distributed environment
Overview of apache HUE


All MapReduce API Concepts and Architecture
Writing MapReduce Drivers, Mappers, and Reducers in Java
Speeding Up Hadoop Development by Using Eclipse
Old Vs New Hadoop MapReduce APIs
Writing Mappers and Reducers with the Streaming API
Different question raised for MapReduce


Problems with RDBMS
Introduction to HBase
Non-RDBMS, Not-Only SQL or No-SQL
Installation HBase & Deployment
Types CRUD & Batch Operations
Filters, Counters, Pool
Rest Interface & Web-UI


Hadoop Developer commands using shell
Map-Reduce job deployment
Oozie workflow design
Different Components Jobs design.

10. HIVE Hadoop

Hadoop Online Training - Apache Hive Vs PIG

Problems with No-SQL Database
Introduction & Installation Hive
Hive Schema and Data Storage
Data Types & Introduction to SQL
Hive-SQL: Views & Indexes
Explain and use the various Hive file formats
Use Hive to run SQL-like queries to perform data analysis
Use Hive to join data sets using a variety of techniques, including Mapside joins and Sort-Merge-Bucket joins
Integration to HBase & Cassandra
Sentiment Analysis and N-Grams
Hive Thrift Service

11. FLUME Hadoop

Installation of Flume
Ingesting Data from External Sources with Flume
Configuration for flume
REST Interfaces
Best Practices for Importing Data


Installation of Sqoop
Ingesting Data from External (RDBMS) Sources with Sqoop
Ingesting Data from/to Relational Databases with Sqoop
Integration of Sqoop and Hbase
Integration of Sqoop and Hive
Best Practices for Importing Data


  • sessions * Hue * Cloudera Manager * Zookeeper *Impala * Ooozie * Etc

    Who can take the Big Data Hadoop Training?

    Developers, Adminstrators, Operation team members or even fresher who want to begin their careers can take this course.

    Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop : None.

    Duration : 35 Hours Live Training sessions + Unlimited Real Environment Access to practice

    Machine Configuration : 8GB RAM and i3+ processor

    Features of our Hadoop Online Training:

  • 100% Flexible Timings + 100% Moneyback gurantee
  • Live Instructor Led Sessions. Dont Type your queries, Ask questions, talk to trainer
  • Install on your machine, Unlimited Real Environment Access to practice
  • Get Hadoop documents, exercises and Revisit Training Videos to View class Recordings
  • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend as per your convenience

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      Basam Nath ReddyUS - ConsultantThe videos are good. Thanks for your help.

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      Ram SharmaUSA - Performance TesterThe Training is excellent, Its so detailed and clear in concepts. Great.

      Vamsi GururajIndia-ConsultantI Really Good Sessions, it helped me a lot. I can rate 8.5 / 10.

      RJOhio - Sr. ConsultantTrainer was always exceptional & calm in listening to our queries which lifts our confidence to present our issues. Moreover he was much more knowledgeable & efficient in resolving every single doubt which makes you flawless packet in terms of capability. Once again thanks for wonderful mentorship which is always highly recommended for any newbie.

      Bhupesh MuleUSA - California - Sr.ConsultantFinally I got chance to give my feedback about APM sessions. Without help from ITJOBZONE, I was really helpless and directionless to start new project. Their team is very good in understanding your needs and providing right resources based on your technology. Trainer was also really good in solving issues and finding solutions. He helped me to identify potential production issues and to stabalize in present project. I look forward to work with ITJOBZONE again and definitely refer candidates.

      Ravi JadhavUSA - OhioI joined this training with an average expectations to see the sea water from outside. But your knowledge facilitated me to jump in water fearlessly & start swimming. It is always helpful to gain the training from someone who has had experience with similar market parameters. Your dedicated efforts from every days class made me more and more confident on using this tool at client’s location in short duration.

      Vamsi GururajIndia-Gujrat-ConsultantI found your sessions are really good and promising to me. Hence I have planned another training with you.

      Krishna ChaitanyaUK - DB ConsultantThe Interview preparation session was good. Trainer has explained implementation scenarios which helped me a lot.

      SantoshIndia - FresherIt was good sessions. Trainer is a very good tutor.

      Ishan KamalIndia - DeveloperGot some good implementation knowledge on Hadoop.

      Bhushan I ChopdeIndia - FresherI am happy with the BigData Hadoop training and the training materials. Glad to find ITJobZone.

      Mohammad SultanUSA - DeveloperI really enjoyed ITJobZones Hadoop course which was very informative. Trainer was a great instructor, he is very knowledgeable. I am very satisfied with the course

      Debashish MallaUSA - ConsultantThank you for convening a Hadoop training in short notice and providing an excellent training. It was great learning experience. Trainer had very good communication skill, Subject matter expertise and patience. He performed an excellent job in presenting different scenarios and made the training interactive. I commend his work.

      Mohit RUSA - DeveloperI am glad that I found ITJobZone. Its been quick and effective training process.

      AnonymousIndia - InfosysOverall the training was very helpful. Exercises given and conducted by trainer were very also very helpful.

      AnonymusIndia - InfosysConfiguration and exercises for each module was covered. Training was Good overall.

      AnonymousIndia - InfosysTraining was very professional and overall very good. Training covered installation, components, Terminology, workflow, API implementations and much more

      Manjiri IIndia - Equifax(HR)BigData Hadoop Training sessions were very good. I have received a positive feedback from all.

      KumarIndia - Equifax (Manager)The Training was conducted in a very professional manner and my team is very happy with the training.