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Dynatrace Training on PurePath

  • Dynatrace PurePaths tells us exactly where, when and why Transactions are Slow or failing.

  • PurePath covers 100% end user transactions related information.

  • PurePath gives information to us for complete error tracking in your application like:

  • a. What is wrong with your application?
    b. What is causing issue in your application?
    c. Where is the fault domain?

  • PurePath contains:

  • a. Exceptions
    b. Logs
    c. Slow methods information
    d. If any overheads on methods

  • PurePath gives faults about requests made to your application

  • a. This request took this much time in your application
    b. Sort requests based on response time and understand slow requests
    c. Captures response times of your application requests

  • PurePath gives you memory related information such as

  • a. Any memory related issues in your request.
    b. Memory leak analysis based on the Purepath information can be made
    c. How many objects are created and / or how many calls are being made in that time / transaction
    d. Time taken by database to execute those calls

  • PurePath helps to find Synchronization related issues

  • a. End to end transaction execution path which is always ON
    b. Spread across all the tiers and having all information about the tiers
    c. Having information about remote calls/web calls
    d. Get information from heterogeneous tires (Java/Dot net/PHP etc)
    e. Gives business context of data in transactions
    f. Method level insights / deep dive insights
    g. Even faulty Method arguments
    h. Monitor Metrix if enabled with PMI/JMX within application process

    Learned the Theory? Now Learn it parctically how does Dynatrace Purepath Help

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