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Identity Cubes Refresh

  • Identity Cubes is the term used to refer to each unique identity stored in the Identity IQ repository, which means a complete data of a particular identity at one place (in one Cube or in one Cubicle). Identity Cube is a logical representation/information of a person in an organization, such as, his sustem access, attributes, names, location, Risk Score, User Rights, history, passwords, how many policy violation (if any) and so on.. Let us see how will we populate these information. The sailpoint connectors are used to populate the information in the Identity Cubes. Once we populate Identity Cubes data, we can corelate this information to the identity.

    Purpose of the Identity Cube

    Update identity attributes from the identity account attributes, through calculations
    Run for all the identities (default)
    Predefined or created from a task template
    May have multiple Identity Refresh tasks

    Configuration options
    Promote account attributes to identity attributes (per identity mappings)
    Mark manager status for each identity
    Update role assignments/detections
    Promote entitlements to a certifiable state
    Look for policy violations

    Run after aggregations are complete or when cube data needs recalculation (new roles created/modified/deleted)
    Schedule frequency dependent upon
    Aggregation schedules
    Data calculation needs

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