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Password Management in Sailpoint

Sailpoint Online Blog on Password Management

  • When we are talking about managing passwords, when you want to synchronize passwords or change password from Sailpoint, you navigate to your home page. Under the Manage Passwords you can select the identity for which you want to reset the password or manage the password on an account. You can see under Manage Accounts passwords, tough the user has many applications, the screen shows only one applications, the reason being only this application supports password synchronization or has a password field in the application. What are all the applications that supports managing your password is identified by feature string.

  • What are all the connectors that supports your managing the passwordsd can be found out from connector registry, what are all the connectors with the feature string with "password" supports managing the passwords from the target system. once you look at your screen, if there are multiple applications coming under, you can select the application and select Generate button... you can select all your applications that you want to sync your passwords with and generate the password and sync it, or you can sync the password from the active directory to the applications.

  • Learn about Workflow for password Interception and other details related to the Password Management from the video below...

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    Demo on Sailpoint IAM Password Management - Password Synchronisation.