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SharePoint 2016 Content Management (Library)

Difference between SharePoint 2016 and Office 365?

Both products are from Microsoft and are almost similar products, SharePoint 2016 is On-Premises (installed on your office server) and Office 365 is cloud based (Installed and managed by Microsoft, much cheaper than SharePoint 2016 and Easier to maintain)

If you buy On-Premises SharePoint 2016 you would need to install it on a server and do all the necessary configuration. Cloud Office 365 SharePoint is already installed on Microsoft servers so you do not need to deal with the configurations.

Let’s learn about concept of Library tab in SharePoint 2016 / Office 365?

Library Tab – Scope of this tab is under library and not a particular file, so entire library level is managed under this tab. Important concept in Library Tab is viewing. We can create our own view using different columns. We have following View template available in SharePoint 2016. We can specify which of the above view you want as default view for your login.

Library View template in SharePoint 2016.
Standard view (Most used) is like our Windows Explorer right section view.
Calendar View is like a one page Calendar view with some data.
Datasheet View (Most used) is like our excel sheet view
Gantt View gives Gantt chart view to the library
Custom View in SharePoint designer Advanced level customizable view of library done in SharePoint Designer tool from MS.

How to view a library with columns while creating a new view? SharePoint maintains lot of in built features to create a new view for a library. Columns for the Library view, you can specify which position you want the column on. Sort can be done by 1 or more columns. Filtering are logical conditions to be given to the columns. Totals is like a summation in excel (can be used in numeric and non-numeric columns – like, 4 managers approvals). Item limits specifies how many rows need to be displayed on one page, by default one page displays 30 rows. Folders if you want to display which folder the file belong to or not. Group by is for grouping of columns under same category etc. Percent complete is an option specific for Gantt chart only. Rest all columns and options are common for all the library views.

Go to Library -> Quick edit. This will make the standard view as the data sheet view.

Go to Library -> Modify to modify the existing or custom view.

Go to Library -> Create Column to create our own name columns and select properties for that column based on your requirement.

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