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Workflow in CA Identity Manager

The CA Identity Manager Training on workflow will help you understand how CA IDM allows a task to be controlled by a workflow process.

A workflow process is one or more steps that must be performed before CA Identity Manager can complete a task that is under workflow control.

How To Enable WorkFlow?

* Task Level WorkFlow: When Task will Execute then Workflow of that task Triggers.

* Event Level WorkFlow: When Event of that Task Execute then Workflow approval will trigger.

* Global Level WorkFlow: When ever Event is executed then this Workflow will trigger.

* Policy Based Workflow: Based on condition Workflow will trigger.

* Non Policy based Workflow: When ever that task/event will execute, Workflow will trigger.

Reserve: if any User reserve the Workflow then that Workflow will not available for other Users.

Ex:If Workflow1 is assigned to User1,User2,User3 and User1 reserves the Workflow1 then Workflow1 will not available for User2 and User3.

Release: Release option will come for only those who have reserved a Workflow for that Workflow.

Bulk Workflow Task: We can approve/Reject/Reserve /Release WorkItems in Bulk as well.

Reassign Workflow: Admin can reassign the Workflow1 from User1 to User2 after reassigning the Workflow1 will only be Available for User2.

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