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R Programming Training
R Programming Online Training

Why R programming? Why R programming for Datascience Analytics?

R (programming Language) is a software environment for statistical data computing, Graphical representation and Reports of data. R programming language is basically for those interested in data mining and statistics to predict the future data.

R programming Training contents

  • Introduction to R Programming
  • r-environment setup in windows
  • rstudio-environment setup in windows
  • variables / Operators / Loops / Functions
  • decision making
  • String / vector / lists / Metrices / Functions /arrays
  • Factors / Frames / Packages
  • Data Science Using R
  • Mean / Median / Mode
  • CSV files
  • R statistics
  • Histograms
  • BoxPlots
  • Health Care Analytics using R
  • Q and A

  • Prerequisite for the R Programming Training

    Basic programming and statistical knowledge is good to have.


    25 - 30 Hours

    The significant features of our R Programming Training:

  • Hands-on example for every topic solved and shown
  • Custom Trainings based on the Client requirements
  • Covers indepth all the topics of R Programming (as mentioned above)
  • Practical real time examples
  • Study material for future references(Links)
  • Remote/Online training for a small group to save travel & other cost
  • We always fit your budget

  • Our trainers are:

  • Technical Experts.
  • Reference checked.
  • Available locally in every city.
  • With relevant industry experience.
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    • IBM Cognos
    • AppDynamics Pro
    • Sharepoint-InfoPath
    • Testimonials

      Rajmohan GanapathiIndia - Maple AllianceAll the sessions happened so far is better than I expected. Trainer has addressed all my doubts in a very simple and understandable way. I would like to extend these sessions to 10 more hours at discussed

      Dinesh Kumar JIndia - Infosys Limited - Sharepoint DeveloperLearnt about the basic funtionalities in K2 BlacK Pearl and also the life cycle involved in developing forms in K2. The K2 Black Pearl training was well organized and will be helpful in the application development using K2.

      Sai KumarIndia - Infosys Limited - Sharepoint DeveloperGot some good knowledge on basics of what k2 is and also knowledge on k2 forms, workflows and workspace.

      Mir AliUSA - Raynold - SAP SecurityI really enjoyed the course it was very informative. Trainer was a great instructor, he is very knowledgeable and was very willing to take the extra time to focus on areas that we had a harder time grasping."Thank you. I really enjoyed and learned much from this course." The class was very informative. I am very satisfied with this course.

      Anitha KalagiriVirginia - FresherI am happy with the trainer and the training materials.

      Prashanth VangaUSA - Oracle IAM ConsultantThank you for convening a training in short notice and providing an excellent training. It was great learning experience. Trainer had very good communication skill, Subject matter expertise and patience. He performed an excellent job in presenting different scenarios and made the training interactive. I commend his work. I would definitely take another training at ITJobZone.

      Amith GIndia - Ernst & Young LLP The training was delivered well by the trainer. He did seem to have the experience on the product.

      Srikant PallabothuUSA - Liberty Mutual Insurance The training went really well and it is helping me a lot as I am at a clients place and working on the Sailpoint Project

      Harish EletemArizona - SSE - Apollo Group The Training was Good. I wish there was some documentation with screen shots showing various steps in iiq.

      Kevin M. KinlochMaryland - Sr. Architect/OIM Consultant at WellPoint Incorporation The Training was Great.

      Vinay R. BethiNewYork - Security Architect I am glad that I found ITJobZone. I have been searching for this training for a long time and was surprised that this is a rare technology to get trained at. Its been quick and effective training process.

      Adithya Vecham.Student - USASailpoint online training was a Very well structured course. I have a technical background and was working on my theoretical knowledge about sailpoint. I started this course having zero experience on Sailpoint and knowing only the high level concepts. What it really helped was the structure of it: it covered it all that I needed to understand how to use. The instructor did an excellent job of guiding students through the lectures, while keeping them engaged through example and small exercises that neither overwhelm nor get too simplistic. I definitely recommend taking a class with these guys!

      Raju Kumar.Sr OIM Consultant - DHS(State of Hawaii)Thanks a lot. I am totally impressed with the way of your training and presentation,i really recommend you to my friends

      Varun DSR.Consultant - VisaI would highly recommend ITJOBZONE for anyone who is very serious to learn new skills in IT industry. I took Sailpoint training and my experience with ITJOBZone has been very fulfilling. The instructor is very knowledgeable and an excellent trainer. ITJobZone is very helpful and ready to provide the resource for training according to your needs, what ever your requirement is they will try to accommodate.