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Sailpoint Training
Sailpoint Online TrainingSailpoint IIQ Online Training
Sailpoint IIQ Online Training

What is Sailpoint IIQ? Why Sailpoint IdentityIQ?

IdentityIQ is Sailpoint's one of the best and fastest growning Identity and Access Management (IAM) software solution to deliver a simple approach for visibility into "Who Has Access to What" in your critical business data. It can help data (Password / Access Management) for applications running on both in-premises and cloud. IdentityIQ helps large organizations with complex IAM processes to tailor their solution and align with their own unique business needs. Sailpoint is one of the most light weight IAM solution with number of out of the box connectors for various tasks. Sailpoint is the only IAM tool which is the most light weight and available as SaaS (Software as a Service). Sailpoint IAM can run in 4 GB HDD in local machine with all its features

Unique Features of our Sailpoint Training

  • Case Study and Actual Sailpoint use cases scenarios solved
  • Get real-time exercises based training
  • Bring your own Real life scenario from other IAM Tools
  • Get Basic core Java Training Videos Free
  • Get the most comprehensive Sailpoint Training course online
  • Sailpoint Online Training Course Topics
    Sailpoint Implementation Training TOPICS

    Before you start your training, see what will you learn in our Sailpoint training
    Sailpoint IIQ Online Training on Benefits of Core Sailpoint IAM Services
    1 – Introduction to IAM & Fundamentals of Sailpoint
  • Introduction to IAM (Identity and Access Management)
  • IAM overview and Its Key concepts
  • Introduction to IIQ (IdentityIQ)
  • Compare Sailpoint with IAM / IDM / SSO / IIQ Other similar solutions in the market
  • What is Access governance
  • Life Cycle Manager (LCM)
  • Compliance Manager

    2. Installation of Sailpoint IIQ 8.0
  • Sailpoint Architecture, versions, UPS
  • Step by Step Sailpoint installation and Setup
  • IIQ Operations through IIQ Console

    3. Sailpoint Basic Configuration
  • Identity IQ configuration
  • Login Configuration
  • a. SSO (Single Sign-on) configuration
  • b. MFA Configuration
  • c. Pass Through Authentication
  • Logging Configuration
  • Audit Configuration

    4. Common Terminologies in Sailpoint IIQ
  • Walk through Sailpoint tool
  • Understanding the common terms used in Sailpoint

    5. Identity Cubes + Identity Cube Refresh

    6. Application Onboarding in Sailpoint

  • * Onboarding Authoritative and Non-Authoritative Applications
  • a. Onboarding Comma Seperated Values files (CSV file)
  • b. Onboarding JDBC

  • * Onboarding Non-Authoritative Applications
  • a. Onboarding Active Directory
  • b. Onboarding OKTA application

  • Aggregation rules, provisioning rules, resource object customization rule
  • Application Onboarding of Logical and multiplex
  • Identity Mappings and Account Mappings

    7. Capabilities – Scope and Workgroups in IIQ

    8. Tasks
  • Walkthrough of Aggregation Tasks
  • Refresh identity tasks
  • Custom tasks (Advance overview)

    9. Certifications
  • Manager Certification
  • Application owner Certification
  • Targeted Certification
  • Certification Rules (Exclusions / Pre delegation)

    10. Filter Strings and Values for search
  • Sailpoint Object Model
  • Walk through Sailpoint database
  • Custom Rules (Query Sailpoint objects)

    11. Sailpoint Policies / Segregation-of-Duties (SoD Policies)
  • Role SOD
  • Entitlement SOD
  • Advance SOD
  • Account SOD

    12. Roles in Sailpoint /Entitlements
  • Role Management
  • Role Mining
  • Role Creation

    13. Reports in Sailpoint / Advance Analytics
  • Out of the box reports
  • Forms
  • Custom reports (Types of Reports)
  • a. Java (Easy)
  • b. Filter (Medium)
  • c. HQL (SQLScripts – Complex)

    14. Advance Analytics

    15. Rules API
  • What are Rules? Commonly used rules and their uses
  • Understand BeanShell Guide (programming in Sailpoint)
  • Using BeanShell for Sailpoint Rules (Write some Sailpoint Rules)

    16. Risk Modeling
  • Application Risk Model
  • Identity Risk Model

    17. Life Cycle Manager (LCM)
  • Life Cycle Events
  • a. Joiner
  • b. Mover
  • c. Leaver
  • Birthright Provisioning - RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
  • Workflow
  • Custom Workflow
  • Multilevel Approvals
  • Quick Links
  • Email Templates

    18. Password Management and Password Synchronization
  • Create encrypted password and Change admin password in Sailpoint

    19. Trouble-shooting and debugging

    20. Plugin installation
  • Rule Plugin

    21. Tools
  • Object Exporter
  • Workgroup Exporter / Importer

    22. Deployment
  • Practices in code repository
  • SSB – Services Standard Build
  • SSD - Services Standard Deployment
  • Sailpoint Version Upgradation process
  • Sailpoint Patch Upgrade process
  • Post upgrade procedures and Checks
  • Application Server Upgrade
  • Application Server Security
  • Migration Sailpoint from one Environment to Another
  • Procedures and Checks after and before deployment

    23. Sailpoint Training Doubt Clearance and Q&A Session

    24. Sailpoint Interview Question and Answer

    ** Sailpoint Online Training Advance Topics covered only by ITJobZone

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    Who can take the Sailpoint implementation Training?

  • This course is good for Developers, Testers and Implementers.
  • Even fresher can take up this course if they have basic Java understanding.
  • IAM professionals willing to widen their understanding by learning a new tool.
  • Note - Java is not a mandate to learn Sailpoint implementation

    ** Join Sailpoint Online Training and GET FREE related JAVA basic training videos

    Prerequisite for the Sailpoint Training

    There are no major pre-requisite for this course. However, the course is easier for people with:
  • Identity and Access Management Experience/ Understanding (any other IAM tool)
  • Understanding of programming in Java and MySQL is good to have.

  • Duration - 40 Hours Sailpoint Online Training (Basic to Advanced Hands-On)

    Features of our Sailpoint Online Training:

  • 100% Flexible Timings + 100% Practical + 100% Money back guarantee
  • Live Instructor Led Sessions. Don't Type your queries, Ask questions, talk to trainer
  • Sailpoint Tutorial, Sailpoint training material, Sailpoint Training Recording
  • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend as per your convenience
  • Get Sailpoint certification dumps and links
  • Sailpoint Interview Question Answer made by consultants who conduct Sailpoint interviews
  • Unlimited Sailpoint Environment Access for you to practice

    Our Sailpoint trainers are:

  • Excellent Teachers
  • 5+ Years of Experience in Sailpoint Technology
  • Sailpoint Technical experts working on Live Sailpoint implementation projects
  • Sailpoint Training Demo on Common Terminologies in IAM.

    Sailpoint Training on Identity Cubes and Identity Cube Refresh.

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    • Testimonial Ticker

      Deepak Sirohi - IndiaIndia - IAM ConsultantTrainer was very good n have very good product knowledge n it built my confidence and was enjoyable and interesting. Worthwhile.

      Sandeep Gupta -LinkedinIndia - IAM ConsultantI was trained by Mack on Sailpoint Advanced topic. I am very much satisfied regarding his teaching skills,patience and level of understanding on sailpoint. Whatever topics we have covered as per the syllabus have been very well explained by him. I give my Thumbs up for this training. Can say, ITJobZone lived up to my expectations. Keep doing the good work. Thanks!!

      Mir Ahmad KhursheedConsultant - NewYork USATraining was good. you guys are awesome. Well explained, to the point, short and concise, in a structured way. Thank you, Itjobzone! Itjobzone has a very talented instructor. He is easy to understand and explains things well. I attending all of the sessions in the course and learned a ton. Staff has been very helpful and amazing. They go all the miles to help their students.Keep up the good work. Thank you.

      Rashmi ShewaSenior Consultant USAIt was my pleasure to join the training in Itjobzone.Trainer is very knowledgeable.your coordination was fantastic, which kept the training on dot

      Vamsikrishna ChigurupatiWipro, IndiaI would like to thank Itjobzone for getting good training, they are very disciplined and well organised the training. I am very happy with the trainer as he have good experience and vast knowledge on the subject and finally We have flexibility to review the videos whenever we needed.

      Dileep malla DineshIndia - ConsultantThe Trainer is so good. he is covering each and every topic, Thanks for sharing trainers videos and a quick response.

      Narsi SandaIndia - ConsultantsI am going through the recordings. They are very nice and full real-time. First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for the trainer. He delivered the lectures very clearly and he emphasis most on problem solving approach. Though I have 8+ years of experience of Java application Development, I am new to IDM. By following these videos, I have written 1) java custom connector by customizing the endpoint screen to input the connector configurations dynamically 2) done one level approver workflow with email sending 3) now doing bulk loading. The customer is very happy for the things what we delivered and we gonna get more work in next month on SSO as well.

      Pradeep VuduthuriUS - VirginiaSessions are good.

      Paresh ShindeIndia - Testing EngineerIt was great and trainer has taken from lesson one which was easy to understand. ThankYou

      UdayConsultantBlueocean Market Intelligence - BangaloreThe trainer is good and easy to catch up with. She has good ability to engage the participants and concentrating on all of the trainees.

      Tharun Vavilapalli- LinkedinUS - ConsultantThe course is very well designed and the instructor was very patient to hear all your doubts and help us get over them. I did the basic and advanced training here and it is satisfactory. The tutor has vast knowledge on SailPoint IIQ technology. He was very patient to respond all our queries.

      Basam Nath ReddyUS - ConsultantThe videos are good. Thanks for your help.

      Shivarama ThejaIndia - ConsultantThe Training recordings are really good and well explained.

      Vamsi GururajIndia-ConsultantI Really got Good training, it helped me a lot. I can rate this training 8.5 / 10.

      Ram SharmaUSA - Consultant USThe Training Video recordings are excellent, Its so detailed and clear in concepts. Its Great... I should have contacted you earlier.

      Rakesh MUSA - CA professionalThe instructors are Knowledgeful & they have a very good understanding on the real time environment. The trainers clears your doubts & explain each topics thoroughly. I am really glad that I found those kind of trainers. ITJOBZone also keeps checking if there is any issue or concern for the classes & make sure training should go smoothly. Overall..highly satisfying quality of training. Thanks again.

      Chirag DesaiVirginia - Sr IDM ConsultantThe Sailpoint Training was good.

      RJOhio - Sr. ConsultantTrainer was always exceptional & calm in listening to our queries which lifts our confidence to present our issues. Moreover he was much more knowledgeable & efficient in resolving every single doubt which makes you flawless packet in terms of capability. Once again thanks for wonderful mentorship which is always highly recommended for any newbie.

      Satish BalakrishnaIndia Bangalore - Fresher
      Trainer is good. He has in-depth knowledge in sailpoint development. He is patient with my questions and Never hesitated to explain again and again. Hes always on time which is impressive. Sometimes he is fast in explanation and the training docs and assignments are not shared immediately after training but a little later after training

      Sankari krishnaUSA Texas - IAM Consultant
      Trainer was really knowledgeable and Overall the SailPoint Advance Training was really good and helpful.

      RajeshIndia Bangalore - IAM Consultant
      The quality of SailPoint training was great. Our instructor, knew the domain and SailPoint inside out. He was very patient with our questions and answered them satisfactorily. Overall, a great team comprising of highly professional individuals - delivered a solid, well-structured training. Thanks to ITJobZone!!!

      Gopinath Peethambaram LinkedinIndia - Ocwen Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Training went well. The trainer has vast knowledge and got good exposure in Sailpoint IIQ. The training videos and the documents are very much useful to me to practice everyday to familiar with Sailpoint IIQ. I would say that you are doing a great job and please keep up the same. I am very much interested to do more trainings with ITJobzone in coming future as well.

      Harshad BidwaiIndia - InfosysOverall the Sailpoint basic training was Good.

      KumarWashington DC - IAM Consultant
      Feedback for
      - Sailpoint Training
      - Sailpoint Consulting
      I would say that you have a very good trainer on Sailpoint IIQ. I am 100% satisfied with your top notch training. The trainer had super knowledge, experience and expertise over the product. I actually started the training with lot of questions in my mind and successfully completed training with abundant information. Most important thing of the training was the schedule and you guys never missed it. All I can say is that you are doing a very good job in this area and I hope you would keep up the same.I wouldn't hesitate to refer ITJobzone for Sailpoint training.

      chaitanya MangapuramUSA Kanasa - IAM ConsultantI took consulting for Sailpoint for a month May to June. Consulting services are good and trainer responded immediately as I required. Trainers are also good and solved my problems in time and cleared my doubts.

      AnonymusIndia - Infosys
      Feedback for
      - Sailpoint basic Training
      Overall the training was very helpful. Exercises given and conducted by trainer were very also very helpful.

      AnonymusIndia - Infosys
      Feedback for
      - Sailpoint basic Training
      Configuration and exercises for each module was covered. Training was Good overall.

      AnonymusIndia - Infosys
      Feedback for
      - Sailpoint basic Training
      Training was very professional and overall very good. Training covered installation, components, Terminology, workflow, API implementations and much more

      Raj Kumar SwamyIndia - IDM Consultant
      Feedback for
      - Sailpoint basic Training
      - Sailpoint Advance Training
      - CA Siteminder Advance Training
      Trainer was really knowledgeable on the subject and had excellent communication skills. It was a high quality training on the whole. Overall the training was good and the instructor was knowledge-full. The courses are top rate. The best part is live instruction, with playback. You get all the presentations and labs. Great instructions. But my favorite feature is viewing a previous class. They provide a set of videos from a previous session, so you can watch the course before you participate. This way you can get the most out of the course. Also, they are always there to answer questions and prompt when you open an issue if you are having any trouble.

      Rahul SaxenaUSA - Consultanti am happy to write a review for somebody who truly deserves it and has earned it through their hard work. Itjobzone is a one point stop shop for Sailpoint training.they provide a 1 to 1 training and customize the course contents based on your expectations. The instructor, Pradip is knowledgeable and ensures your understanding before proceeding, no hurry! I wish ITJobZone all the very best for their future.

      AdithyaUSA - Consultant
      Very professionally conducted training course. Good exercises for solving. systematic approach. The trainers has great knowledge. Taken both Basic and Advance training. Now doing consultation with them.

      Shashikant R ChougalaBangalore - OAM professionalThe sailpoint videos are well framed to learn for any fresher's to experienced person working in other IAM tool. Though, being from IAM background it would have taken loads of time if I started to learn sailpoint myself. It saved my time and also helped to learn the things in a right way. Appreciate your effort. Thanks a lot.

      Madhav P - LinkedinBangalore - Hexaware - IAM professionalThe training was good in a consistent pace and is very effective for us.

      RaoNewYork - Senior Security professional
      Adv Batch completed Dec16
      I recently took one on one training on advanced Sailpoint from ITJobZone. I should say that it was one of the best decision I have made, and the leaning outcome was excellent. Hands on experienced tutor who could demonstrate practical scenarios for every theoretical steps, which boosts confidence and provides clarity on all features of sailpoint, he could also share his experience on strategy, methodology technology, and platform features to get a holistic view of platform implementation, administration, customization and operations. Tutor's communication, thought clarity, willingness to help the trainee was very good. Also they shared good study materials which are worth it. Overall, one of the best training I have had in recent times. Well done..

      karma Gurung - LinkedinUSA - Business Analyst
      Batch completed Nov16
      I Really enjoyed and learned a lot from this class. I really appreciate the help ITJobZone and your tutor provided. The Tutor was very knowledgeable and clear.

      Anitha KalagiriVirginia - Fresher
      Batch completed Aug16
      I came across the ItJobzone’s Sailpoint training when I was looking for a hands-on identity certification course for sailpoint identity IQ. The ItJobzone team sounds very professional and they are thriving to live up the mark when it comes to online professional training courses. Especially from an off-shore location perspective. The training coordinator is able to coordinate session timings among the instructor and students. The trainer did a decent job in helping us to learn the technology. I recommend this for any beginners who want to learn the basics of Sailpoint.

      Mahitha KadariVirginia - Business Analyst (Developer)
      Batch completed Aug16
      the training was really good And trainer discussed every topic very detail. We are looking forward to meet him again in advanced training

      Chiranjeevi V - LinkedinIndia - Management professional
      Batch completed Aug16
      Basic training was good apart from couple of sessions, which were rushed to conclude the class. You were able to plan the session properly and ensured that all important topics were covered. I would ask to add for few things such as common interview questions, real time scenarios about IIQ administrator. Apart from that everything was good. Appreciate your concern in getting the feedback

      John MVirginia - SAP/ABAP Professional
      Batch completed 12Aug16
      The basic SailPoint training was very well delivered by the instructor. He had a good command over the product features and capabilities. He was making sure that we understood the topic that he was telling, if not he was re-explaining the topic and giving demos and real time examples to make us understand. Excellent job!!! Can’t wait to take the Advance training.

      Jay SVirginia - IAM Professsional
      Batch completed May16
      The Good course content. Instructor had command over the product features/capabilities and the domain of Identity management to apply those features. Usecase and scenarios discussed with exercises were good for Basic course.

      Pramod Sahu - LinkedinIndia - Consultant - FnF(Fidelity)
      Batch completed May16
      The trainer is excellent knowledge on SailPoint. The communication was good but has to be a little bit slow with pace of the training. The course content is good enough for Basic Training on SailPoint. Training was interactive and helped us to understand.

      Mautusi DeyIndia - Consultant - FnF(Fidelity)
      Batch completed May16
      The training was good. The trainer knows the concepts.

      Srinivas PuttaUSA - Consultant
      Batch completed Apr16
      The training was absolutely amazing. The trainer was not only knowledgeable but also professional and answered all the questions. We were class of 3 and he took time to go above and beyond to explain things.

      Riyaz Rizvi -Linkedin Doha Qatar - Executive Director
      Batch completed Apr16
      Overall experience is great, trainer was wonderful, in terms of explaining the topics and making sure we understand. Excellent problem solving skills. Course material and other documents are very good and carry every single detail. Hope to go for next level, but not now, it will take sometime.

      Prateek SushilUSA - Consultant
      Batch completed 4Apr16
      Training was delivered in professional manner. It was structured properly and sessions were conducted in planned and timely mode. Instructor's in-depth experience in Sailpoint product was quite evident. Overall, it was a good experience and certainly recommend others who would like to get trained in Sailpoint.

      Gil HawkinsUSA - Sr.IAM ProfessionalI want to send feedback on the Sailpoint class that completed on Friday, 2/26/16. Trainer did a great job presenting the material and gave us many opportunities to ask questions. The class was well organized and that made it easy to understand how the tool works. The exercises were also very helpful in learning how to use Sailpoint.

      Rakshith NagarajuUSA - Cincinnati Financial Co - DeveloperI am glad that I found ITJobzone. I think ITJobzone is the only training institute which provides Sailpoint training. Training was good and Instructor had in depth knowledge of application. Structured course layout was added advantage to training. In addition to lectures hands on experience was provided through VM. Overall a very good training

      Srini SubramanianUSA - Sr. IAM ProfessionalTrainer was really knowledgeable on the subject and had excellent communication skills. It was a high quality training on the whole. Scope for improvement: It would help if the section on workflow had some assignments to better understand the topic, as it's quite complicated and vast

      @Srini - Thanks. we have worked on this and shared workflow assignments with you.

      Aditya SinghUK - TCS - Tech ArchitectOverall the training was good and the instructor was knowlegefull. Few points below would have made it more worthy for me: VM to have only vanilla installation, no pre loaded data and then to follow the tutorial on use case basis.

      @Aditya - Thanks for the Pointers. We now provide pre loaded data for basic level trainings also.

      Vimochan CheethiralaChicago - BCBS - Tech ArchitectSailpoint training was very good. The instructor had in-depth knowledge on the application and gave real time examples where ever he could. I am glad I chose ITJOBZONE for this training. I would definitely recommend this training to any one who is interested in Sailpoint Training.

      Mir AliUSA - Raynold - SAP SecurityI really enjoyed the Sailpoint online course, it was very informative. Trainer was a great instructor, he is very knowledgeable and was very willing to take the extra time to focus on areas that we had a harder time grasping. "Thank you. I really enjoyed and learned much from this course." The class was very informative. I am very satisfied with this course.

      Prashanth VangaUSA - Oracle IAM ConsultantThank you for convening a Sailpoint training in short notice and providing an excellent training. It was great learning experience. Trainer had very good communication skill, Subject matter expertise and patience. He performed an excellent job in presenting different scenarios and made the training interactive. I commend his work. I would definitely take another training at IT Job Zone.

      Amith GIndia - Ernst & Young LLP The Sailpoint training was delivered well by the trainer. He did seem to have the experience on the product.

      Srikant PallabothuUSA - Liberty Mutual Insurance The training went really well and it is helping me a lot as I am at a clients place and working on the Sailpoint Project

      Harish EArizona - SSE - Apollo Group The Training was Good. I wish there was some documentation with screen shots showing various steps in IIQ.

      @Harish E - Thanks for pointing this, we have worked on this and now provide a complete documentation with screen shots.

      Kevin M. KinlochMaryland - Sr. Architect/OIM Consultant at WellPoint IncorporationThe Sailpoint Online Training was Great.

      Vinay R. BethiNewYork - Security Architect I am glad that I found ITJobZone. I have been searching for Sailpoint training for a long time and was surprised that this is a rare technology to get trained at. Its been quick and effective training process.

      Adithya Vecham.Student - USASailpoint online training was a Very well structured course. I have a technical background and was working on my theoretical knowledge about sailpoint. I started this course having zero experience on Sailpoint and knowing only the high level concepts. What it really helped was the structure of it: it covered all that I needed to understand how to use. The instructor did an excellent job of guiding students through the lectures, while keeping them engaged through example and small exercises that neither overwhelm nor get too simplistic. I definitely recommend taking a class with these guys!

      Raju MamidalaSr OIM Consultant - DHS(State of Hawaii)Thanks a lot. I am totally impressed with the way of your training and presentation, I really recommend you to my friends

      Varun DSR.Consultant - VisaI would highly recommend ITJOBZONE for anyone who is very serious to learn new skills in IT industry. I took Sailpoint training and my experience with ITJOBZone has been very fulfilling. The instructor is very knowledgeable and an excellent trainer. ITJobZone is very helpful and ready to provide the resource for training according to your needs, whatever your requirement is they will try to accommodate