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What is Hadoop? Why Hadoop Training?

Hadoop is an open source framework that processes large data sets (Big Data), in a distributed storage environment. This platform can process/handle large volume of data (Big Data) in a small amount of time. APIs for MapReduce applications enables us to read, write and compute data in parallel.

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) was made to store the huge amount (hundreds of gigabytes) of data every second. This stored data is used to generate various analytics. Traditional databases cannot handle data of this size. The MapReduce helps to run different kinds of computation on this huge volume of data with ease.

Hadoop Administration Training Details

Before you start your training, See what you will learn in our BIG DATA and HADOOP Developers training course

Hadoop Admin Training - Hadoop Admin Online Training Topics

1. Introduction to Bigdata

Characteristics of Bigdata
Bigdata collection and cleanup
Why analyze Bigdata
Why parallel computing is important
Various products for handling Bigdata

2. Introducing Hadoop

Hadoop Ecosystem
Components of Hadoop
Starting Hadoop
Various Hadoop processes

3. Working with HDFS

Basic file commands
Reading and writing to files
Anatomy of mapreduce
Run a wordcount on a large text file
Web based UI
View job status on Hadoop prompt
View job status on Web UI
High availability
Namenode Federation

4. YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator)

Resource Manager (Anatomy of Resource Allocation)

5. Installing and configuring Hadoop

Types of installation(standalone, pseudo distributed, fully distributed
Hadoop Distributions (Apache, cloudera, hortonworks)
Setup linux for Hadoop installation (java, ssh, etc)
Hadoop directory structure
Hadoop configuration files (XML, masters, slaves, logging, etc)
Checking file system health
Block size, replication factor and block health monitoring
Benchmarking cluster
Troubleshoot cluster issues

6. Advanced administrative activities

Secure Mode
Adding and de-commissioning nodes
Secondary Namenodev
Manage Quotas
Enabling Trash
Hands on

7. Monitoring Hadoop Cluster

Hadoop Infrastucture monitoring
Hadoop specific monitoring
Install and configure Nagios / Ganglia
Capture metrics

8. Other components of Hadoop Ecosystem

Discuss Use cases for each Hive, Pig, Scoop, Flume, HBase, Accumulo

Prerequisite for the Hadoop Admin Training

None. Having a basic knowledge of Linux can help.


Live Training sessions 25 Hours + Unlimited Real Environment/Server Access for you to practice

Machine Configuration for Hadoop Admin Training

8GB RAM and i3+ processor

Features of our Hadoop Admin Training:

  • Live Interactive classes
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend as per your convenience

  • Our Hadoop Admin trainers are:

  • Trainers with min 3 project experience..
  • Certified Technical experts from the Industry
  • Excellent Teachers.

  • Fees for Big Data Hadoop Admin Training Online

  • 12,500/- INR or 200 USD (Inclusive all Taxes)
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    Big Data Hadoop Adminstration Training Online

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      Basam Nath ReddyUS - ConsultantThe videos are good. Thanks for your help.

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      Debashish MallaUSA - ConsultantThank you for convening a Hadoop training in short notice and providing an excellent training. It was great learning experience. Trainer had very good communication skill, Subject matter expertise and patience. He performed an excellent job in presenting different scenarios and made the training interactive. I commend his work.

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      AnonymusIndia - InfosysOverall the training was very helpful. Exercises given and conducted by trainer were very also very helpful.

      AnonymusIndia - InfosysConfiguration and exercises for each module was covered. Training was Good overall.

      AnonymusIndia - InfosysTraining was very professional and overall very good. Training covered installation, components, Terminology, workflow, API implementations and much more

      Manjiri IIndia - Equifax(HR)Big Data Hadoop Training sessions were very good. I have received a positive feedback from all.

      KumarIndia - Equifax (Manager)The Training was conducted in a very professional manner and my team is very happy with the training.